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Family Counselling in Vancouver, BC

Bena Stock Counselling offers Career Counselling, Transition Counselling,  and Anger Management Counselling inVancouver, BC. Other programs are offered including Emotion Management Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Family Counselling. Our programs can also deal with patient’s anxiety and depression.

Overcome Your Anxiety and Depression

Career Counselling, Transition Counselling, Anger Management CounsellingCareer Counselling, Transition Counselling, Anger Management CounsellingCounselling can help a client build resilience during times of great adversity. Bena Stock Counselling helps our patients develop a different life perspective and gain new understanding on how they can diminish patterns that support anxiety and depression. Our programs also help our clients to find the right path when they are currently stuck and help them to transition between roles or between industries.

Career Counselling, Transition Counselling, Anger Management Counselling

Sessions with Bena are available online or in-person in Vancouver, BC. Take the first step towards thriving in your career and life and book an appointment today.

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Our Services

Anxiety & Depression

Learning skills to help you shift your frame of reference and gain a new perspective can help diminish the patterns that support anxiety and depression.

Career Counselling

Feeling stuck? Trying to find a path to get to where you want to be? Bena can help you work toward your ideal career.

Transition Counselling

Ready to make a move? Bena has guided many through the process of transitioning between roles or even between industries.

Anger Management & Emotional Regulation

Learn the skills that help you stay grounded, and enable you to view situations from multiple perspectives so you can respond, rather than react.

Adolescents and Families

Navigating the changes in emotions, identity, relationships, and expectations during adolescence can be difficult. Bena can help you build bridges through connection, to better understand yourself, and one another.

About Bena Stock Counselling

For anger management and emotional regulation, our clients will learn how they can stay grounded and see situations from different point of views so that they can respond positively rather than react negatively. For clients of adolescent age, counselling programs can help them navigate through changes of emotions, determine identity, improve relationships with people around them and cope up with expectations during the adolescence stage.

Bena Stock Counselling can help our clients have a better understanding of themselves and of people around them.

Bena Stock, Counsellor

Bena has a master’s degree in counselling. She is a registered clinical counsellor and a member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. Bena has helped many clients in the areas of anxiety, depression, anger management, relationships, as well as career coaching, and career transition. Bena is also a former litigation lawyer. She practised law for 24 years, primarily in the areas of professional negligence and insurance defence. Bena is married to a litigator. Together they raised two daughters, so she knows the joys and challenges of balancing career and family. Bena believes in strength-based counselling, and works towards helping clients discover and build on their strengths, while learning new strategies to overcome life’s challenges.

Ready to reach your full potential in your life and career? Bena can help provide you with the tools you need to make positive change.

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