Boreal Wellness Centres

Boreal Wellness Centres

Boreal Wellness offers a variety of individual therapy and group therapy programs for adults with depression and anxiety. Our Resilient Living™ group programs include day treatment, trauma-focused day treatment, and intensive evening treatment, and are designed to assist clients who aren't making sufficient progress with 1:1 therapy.

The goal of all our programs is to improve daily functioning and over-all quality of life for clients by reducing the impact of symptoms and emotional turmoil. We strive to build upon already-existing strengths and assist clients in optimizing functionality at home, work, and other settings. 

As clients learn to draw on their own strength and resiliency, they will discover new tools for moving forward instead of being controlled by their thoughts and emotions. Clients will take home a comprehensive set of additional skills, insights, and resources to sustain the journey of recovery that will 


Clinic developing trauma-specific help for first responders | Vancouver Sun

Clinic developing...

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