CMS Dental Hygiene Services

CMS Dental Hygiene Services

Mobile Dental Hygienist Serving Sarnia to London          

CMS Dental Hygiene Services brings quality dental hygiene care to residents of long-term care facilities, retirement homes and shut-ins and residents of  community group homes.  This service is to provide for ones who are unable to get to a dental office for preventative oral care.              

Since 2009, the focus for CMS Dental Hygiene Services is to provide quality, personal dental hygiene care while improving the oral health of our seniors.  Spring 2008, Cheryl McGrail Sinclair received the seal to self-initiate (without a dentist order)  for dental hygiene care. Cheryl has been practicing dental hygiene since 1998.                      

CMS Dental Hygiene Services believes that providing this service in-home is a great way to meet the oral health needs of our loved ones.  The environment is relaxed and comfortable within the long-term care facility, or client's home.  No stress of travel time or extra cost incurred for travel and wait periods.

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In House Services

In-House mobile dental hygiene here and see all the services

New client and annual oral assessments

Most people don’t connect their mouths to the rest of their bodies. There is a link. Research shows that tooth decay (cavities) and periodontal (gum) disease may contribute to many serious health conditions. With mounting scientific evidence, the connection between oral infections and other diseases in the body is becoming widely understood and accepted.

Personal oral care plans

 Good oral care is important at any age. However, certain segments of the population require special oral hygiene care, including the sick, the elderly, the physically and mentally challenged, and those who are severely learning disabled or medically compromised. A growing number of family members are taking on the demanding role of caregiver, which includes caring for the mouth. Since many of the elderly and chronically ill cannot take care of themselves, caregivers require a more

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening (OCS) may be the best way to detect oral cancer early, and dental hygienists have an important role. They screen for oral cancer as part of every dental hygiene appointment, regardless of age, and educate clients about risk factors and how to detect potential problems. Detecting the disease in the early stages is key to the survival rate.  Thousands of new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed more

Periodontal Debridement (dental cleaning)

  Keeping the mouth healthy keeps the body healthy, since the two are connected. The micro-organisms (e.g., bacteria) from oral infections can enter the bloodstream or airways and travel to other parts of the body. These micro-organisms have the potential to increase the risk for other health problems such more

heart disease, stroke, and respiratory disorders like : While everyone is at risk of tooth decay and other oral health problems, people with diabetes are particularly at high risk for these complications. More than one-quarter of Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes, which means they are susceptible to infections and should be more

More services include:

Polishing stains away

Fluoride treatments

Dentrue cleaning and labelling

Desensitization/ Pit and Fissure Sealants

Mouth Guard clinics for sport teams, custom fit

Teeth Whitening

Referrals to healthcare professionals as needed

Assist client and/or caregiver  in ways to maintain oral health       

Provide care that is safe and effective       

Practice standard infection control

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Oral health is important to the general health of the individual.  Many clients, especially the elderly and the housebound, are not aware of the problems that can arise in their mouths. Gum disease, tooth decay, dry mouth and abscessess often exist undetected and can lower the body's resistance to disease.  In addition, poor oral hygiene diminishes chewing ability which affects nutrition and digestion.  These conditions can lead to lower self esteem, speech problems and halitosis (bad breath).

In addition, preventing gingivitis (gum disease) and peridontal disease (bone loss) may help the client manage the conditions that are associated with the present plaque bacteria such as diabetes, heart conditons, stroke, halitosis, and respiratory illnesses.

Providing quality dental hygiene care is important in maintaining the natural teeth and the integrity of the gum tissues.

CMS Dental Hygiene Services provides treatment that is geared towards improving and maintaining seniors and shut-ins oral health.  CMS Dental Hygiene Services operates under the “Code of Ethics” and “Standards of Practice” of the College of Dental Hygiensts of Ontario.             

Treatment plans are individually planned for each client's needs.  Referrals are made to other healthcare professionals when necessary.  The goal is to provide the following dental hygiene services in a private, comfortable and stress-free environment.

About us:

"Providing quality dental hygiene care to ones who matter the most."

Specializing in Nursing Homes and Home Care Visits

Cheryl works collaboratively with each individual to establish an on-going preventive program.  When working with a long-term care facility, in-service education for staff is available to provide continual oral hygiene needs; communication with client in care and with families regarding further dental concerns is carried out by Cheryl.

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