Amy L. Dion, B.Sc., RDH. Preventive Dental Hygiene Care

Dental, Hygiene, Hamilton

Providing Dental Hygiene Care for over 14 years, my focus is on helping clients treat and prevent oral disease for better overall health.



New Client Complete Assessment - to help us determine the possible reasons for ongoing dental issues like cavities, gum recession, bad breath, bleeding gums... and to educate clients in how to manage risk factors through effective oral hygiene care, diet, preventive dental treatments, and regular dental hygiene treatments to clean the teeth and mouth.  The clients input is essential in all phases of a treatment plan. Includes oral cancer screening.

Oral Care and Outcomes for Oral and Overall Health - learn how to have healthy teeth and gums, and your whole body may feel the difference.

Dental Teeth Cleaning - gentle and thorough cleansing of the teeth to control and treat gum inflammation.

Preventive Care - depending on the need, professional treatments or products may be recommended to encourage and maintain gum health, to treat breath problems, to protect teeth, to reduce stain, etc.  Periodontal Pocket Treatment, Product Advice, Hands-On Demonstration, Tooth applications that treat sensitivity, new cavities, remove stain, or strengthen enamel.








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