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Alpha Dental Care was established in 1973 and located in the Chinook Professional Tower in Calgary, AB.  Alpha Dental Care is highly committed to our patients' overall health through dental wellness. We will make you satisfied and feel right at home with.

We offer complete family and dosmetic dentistry in a relaxed, spa-like setting. We have a warm welcoming environment and a very friendly staff that will make you feel right at home. Our Calgary dentists will take care of you on time so you have no waiting and make you feel like family.

Our reviews say it all

"I have been coming to Alpha Dental care for over 35 years. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone. The staff has always been very professional and courteous. I have always been seen in a timely manner for my appointments.." - Judy C., Calgary

"Never had a staff that really showed that they cared about me in everything they did. They made me feel like I was part of there family. Also they did excellent work." -Lynnette K., Fort St. John

"The staff and doctors are always so kind and patient. The appointments are always on time, there's no waiting. Even though I'm not particularly excited to go to the dentist, when it's all over with I'm surprised at how easy and painless it really was. Great staff." - Jeanette S., Calgary

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Enjoy a complementary foot or hand massage during your appointment


Indulge in a complimentary hand or foot massage while we care for your smile! Whether you come in for your regular hygiene appointment or for treatment, you will be able to experience this lovely service every time– and there’s never a cost! We want you to relax and feel enjoy your visit. Please book your visit between 9am and 5pm to enjoy this treat.


Our Services


BOTOX® is a naturally purified protein that relaxes wrinkle causing muscles and creates a smooth, relaxed look. Dentists in Alberta are now able to administer BOTOX® for therapeutic purposes (TMJ disorders, clenching, grinding and headaches) and for cosmetic rejuvenation including frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet.  We will help with your needs and will give you a painless treatment the right way. We have developed more skills with proper training to make sure our treatment is painless and will leave you with great satisfaction.

Spa Dentistry

Indulge in a complimentary hand or foot massage while we care for your smile! Whether you come in for your regular hygiene appointment or for treatment, you will be able to experience this lovely service every time– and there’s never a cost! We will give you that spa like visit at your own dental office that we want you to call home. You are part of our family to us and we will love it if you give us a chance to serve you with the care and love from our team.

Please book your visit between 9am and 5pm to enjoy this treat.

Dental Hygiene

The starting point for all good dental care, regular Hygiene appointments preserve and protect your smile. A gentle system of deep-cleaning for your teeth and gums, this level of care can only be obtained in a dental office from a qualified Dental Hygienist. We will give you a smile that you deserve and give you one that will last you a long time. We will be with you on your side to make sure your smile will last you a long time with useful tips to help you maintain that smile that you always wanted to have and now you can have it with no issues.

Sedation Dentistry

Enjoy your visit to the Dentist! Alpha offers multiple relaxation options, from taking one pill before your visit to complete IV sedation. Whether you need to feel more relaxed or would like to sleep through your visit, we can help. We will accommodate you the way you feel comfortable and will leave you fully stress free and relaxed.

IV Sedation

Also known as sleep dentistry, intravenous (IV) sedation allows the patient to enter “twilight sleep”. Although patients remain conscious and responsive throughout their appointments, full sedation is achieved and there is a profound feeling of not being bothered or concerned with what is going on.

Oral Sedation

Inhalation sedation, using Nitrous Oxide, often provides complete relaxation and is administered throughout the appointment. Nitrous Oxide leaves the body within moments of the end of usage, so patients can resume normal activity, including driving immediately.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern Cosmetic Dentistry makes it easier than ever to have the kind of beautiful, natural smile you may have dreamed of in less time than you thought possible. Our experienced and LVI trained Doctors will work with you to create a new smile that will make a powerful and memorable impression on everyone you meet.

Family Dentistry

Since 1973, Alpha has built its reputation on caring for Calgary families, just like yours. We take great pride in watching kids grow and being part of their healthy lives. In fact, we have many clients who have never seen another dentist and are now bringing their kids to us!Since 1973, Alpha has built its reputation on caring for Calgary families, just like yours. We take great pride in watching kids grow and being part of their healthy lives. In fact, we have many clients who have never seen another dentist and are now bringing their kids to us!

Laser Therapy

Lasers have changed the way we do dentistry! Used both in Hygiene and Dental Treatment, lasers are a fast and painless alternative to traditional and often invasive treatments.

Lasers help the body build up its immune system to fight infection by producing light energy which removes disease-causing bacteria. This works through promotion of tissue and bone regeneration as well as by speeding the healing process and elimination of surface infection. There is virtually no recovery time needed after laser therapy.

Laser therapy can also provide fast and non-invasive cosmetic and esthetic treatment. Your gum line can be recontoured to enhance the appearance of individual teeth or your full smile.

Did you know that laser therapy can also dramatically reduce the severity, duration and discomfort of a cold sore? Just a 5-minute visit to the office can avoid an untimely occurrence if caught quickly. Give us a call at the first indication of an outbreak and you’ll be pleased you did!


Imagine a system which replaces traditional braces with invisible, comfortable and removable customized trays!

Resembling custom whitening trays, these Aligners are removable for good dental hygiene. You simply take them out to brush and floss normally, avoiding the decay and gingivitis that can be caused by traditional braces. As well, you don’t have to worry about what you eat because you remove your Aligners for meals and snacks.

These Aligners are virtually undetectable, making them a popular choice with all age groups. Invisalign® is the clear and quick way to a new smile!

CEREC One-Appointment Crowns

Alpha can offer you a one-appointment restoration!

There’s no need for a follow-up insert appointment and no time spent wearing a “temporary crown” with CEREC in-office lab technology. Our dentists will design and create your custom restoration with our CEREC computer and will immediately insert your new tooth, all in one quick visit. This procedure is convenient and minimizes any chance of infection, since your tooth is not exposed to repeat treatments over a period of weeks. It also gives us the ability to protect and preserve your natural tooth structure, as the restoration is computer-generated to replace only the necessary surfaces while leaving healthy tooth intact.

Made of porcelain, which is considered to be the most similar material to natural tooth structure, your new tooth will be custom color-matched to your smile for a natural and beautiful look and feel. Strength and beauty combine to make this new technology shine.

Teeth Whitening

Alpha offers many different types of professional whitening, including in office treatments or take home maintenance. We will give you tips that you will find useful to maintain the smile that you always wanted. With the smile you always wanted you will be very satisfied by our dental clinic and will always keep us in thoughts for your great welcoming experience we promise to give you without doubt. 

We would be happy to consult with you to find the best product that is right for you! Our clinic staff is going to give you a family like experience so you do not need to worry about anything. We will take care of you to the fullest and make sure all your needs are met past your expectations. Giving our clients a welcoming feel will really make us happy that we are able to make you feel safe and cared in our trust.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays expose patients to a small fraction of the radiation received in traditional film X-rays, providing a safe and effective means of diagnosing cavities between the teeth and above the gum line, areas which are not visible otherwise. Through early detection, cavities and decay can be removed with minimal natural tooth structure loss.

Specializing in Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Alpha focuses on comfort and relaxation in our spa-like setting. We will partner with you to maintain or recreate your smile and to protect your long-term dental and overall health needs. We will be with you side by side to take care of your dental care the right way and will not let you worry about the future as we will take care of you along your side. Tell us what you’d like – we’re here for you!

Our Doctors

Dr. Keith Allan

A University of Alberta graduate, Dr. Keith Allan founded Alpha Dental Care in Chinook Centre in 1973 to provide Calgary with leading edge dentistry in a compassionate, elevated and hi-tech environment. Providing optimum patient care at every visit has always been Keith’s personal and team goal and he supports this philosophy through constant research and training.

Dr. Allan has incorporated Implant technology and Cosmetic services into Alpha to enhance its Family Dentistry and remains on the forefront of dental innovation through extensive continuing education and the constant additions of the most current equipment.

Keith never waivers from his passion of excellence in knowledge, service and overall commitment to patient care.


Dr. Gord McLachin

Dr. McLachlin graduated from the University of Alberta in 1991 and joined Dr. Allan at Alpha in 1993, becoming a partner with Keith in 1995. Gord’s primary areas of expertise are Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant technology.

Gord is known and appreciated for his “painless” dentistry and was integral in bringing Spa Dentistry to Alpha, an environment in which patients enjoy a hand or foot rub provided by our relaxation therapist, before, during and after appointments.

Gord has also achieved a high level of success in the relief of headaches, through the usage of orthotic therapy and full mouth rehabilitation. Innovative and personable, Gord has brought Alpha to new levels of relaxed and elevated patient care.


Dr. Carmen Todd

Dr. Todd graduated from the University of Alberta in 1999 and joined the Alpha team in 2004. She provides comprehensive, functional and esthetic dentistry to children and adults and incorporates the use of Invisalign® orthodontics as well as Implant technology where needed.

Dr. Todd has enhanced her education with numerous continuing education courses and seminars in General and Cosmetic Dentistry and excels in providing an optimum final result.

Carmen is warm, personable and builds long-term patient relationships.


 Dr. Erin Heneghan

Graduating from the University of Manitoba in 2001, Dr. Heneghan joined Alpha Dental Care in 2002. Erin’s goal is to provide excellence in functional and esthetic dentistry to each patient at every visit and she achieves this by combining technological innovation with attention to detail and elevated patient care.

As a mother of two, Erin is able to earn the trust of her youngest patients through her gentle personality and her patience and compassion.


Dr. Mohamed Soliman

Dr. Mohamed Soliman practices a full scope of general and surgical procedures specializing in the use of intravenous (IV) sedation. From wisdom teeth extractions to dental implants, crowns and bridges, Dr. Soliman has extensive knowledge and experience to meet anyone’s needs.

Dr. Soliman has been in the dental field for many years. He has completed his dentistry degree twice, first in Egypt and then again in Canada. He graduated from the University of Toronto at the top of his class with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery.


Our Team

With over 70 combined years of Alpha experience, our eight Hygienists incorporate the latest technologies and procedures to protect your oral health and give you the smile you deserve! We do our best to ensure you with a safe and painless treatment with a very good and welcoming treatment. Our customers are our family and we want them to trust us like family and feel confident with our treatment services.


Our caring team of administration professionals will take care of your insurance paperwork electronically for you and will partner with you to meet all of your needs as you plan your dental care. We will help you with your dental needs and plan and address all treatments you need so you will not have worry in the future. You will be in good hands with us.

Our relaxation therapist offers complimentary hand and foot massages while your smile is taken care of! Our team wants you toy have a very positive and welcoming visit at Alpha Dental. To us you are family and we will be happy to assist you in anyway possible. We want you as the patient to feel be fully satisfied by our service.


Omega Spa

Conveniently located within Alpha’s office in Chinook Centre in Calgary, Omega Spa offers luxurious spa treatments in an elegant and tranquil environment. Incorporating services that complement Alpha’s Cosmetic Dentistry, Omega Spa provides medical cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasion as well as more traditional spa services for women and men.

Whether your visit to Omega Spa includes a manicure, massage, body wrap or one of our many facial treatments, our licensed practitioners will provide superior service and care to ensure your experience at Omega Spa surpasses your expectations.

Please visit the Omega website for details and a virtual tour at


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