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We believe that now, more than ever, people need an integrated approach to health. It is for this reason that we promote dental health and well-being. Our aim is to address your concerns and your individual needs,  but most importantly to provide you with options so that you may make an well informed decision concerning your dental health.


Our Commitment to the Patient and Environment:We have made all attempts to go green without compromising the safety our patients while making it an ergonomic environment for our staff by implementing state of the art technology.

We help take care of your Chompers!

    • Digital imaging (x-rays) reduces radiation by as much as 60-80%.
    • All instruments are sterilized using the  Sterilization Management System
    • Ergonomically designed Treatment Centers provide patients with optimal comfort during treatment-air/water ceramic warmers at point of delivery.
    • Internal flushing system to keep biofilm to a minimum.
    • Dry Vacuum system reduces water wastage.
    • Energy efficient lighting and eco friendly plumbing.
    • Intra-oral cameras let us show you what we are looking at in your mouth.
    • Digital records – “paperless”
    • Velscope – Cancer Screening.
    • Biolase Laser – Oral surgical procedures.
    • Laser Bleaching.


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