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Nutrition in Action is a personal consulting services that focus on Digestion Health, Weight Loss, and Sports Nutrition. We also offer services that focus on corporate wellness. Nutrition in Action is managed by registered dietitian Angela Dufour, MEd., RD, CSSD, IOC. Nutrition in Action serves Hammonds Plains, NS and other surrounding areas.

With Angela’s nutrient management services, she has helped hundreds of people to become healthy and stay on track with their nutrient management programs. She serves people from all ages and she gives science-based pieces of advice that are easy to follow and very achievable

Nutrition information you can trust from Atlantic Canada’s leading dietitian!

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We help you make life long changes, not quick fixes to your dietary intake and overall health.

We develop a nutrition and meal plan based on your goals and lifestyle. As your nutrition and health coach, I engage you to take ownership of your plan and goals to be a part of the process and step by step on the road to a healthier you!


Programs & Services

Nutrition is often confusing with many mixed messages from media making understanding how to eat right complicated! But it doesn’t have to be! Let Nutrition in Action and Angela help you translate science-based nutrition information into a realistic and manageable health and nutrition goals. Angela can help you navigate the grocery store, restaurant menus, and the be an expert in the kitchen!

Whether your goal is to shed excess weight, lower cholesterol or blood pressure, boost energy or simply stay healthy as you age, working one-on-one with Angela will give you the tools and support you need to eat healthfully today - and for the long term.

How to get started?
Once you've decided the time is right to make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle, we'll book an appointment for you and then send you Angela’s Nutrition client Assessment and History and Activity Forms (email, fax or mail). This is a short questionnaire that asks you about your nutrition and health goals, your medical history, and your eating and exercise habits. Once you've completed the forms, we ask that you fax them back to us. This allows Angela to get a head start on your nutrition assessment before she meets with you.

Nutrition Programs

Weight Management Program

This program offers you a customized meal plan and a strong accountability component. Structured follow up appointments with Angela are scheduled to help keep you motivated to continue with your changes and stick to your plan. You will meet with Angela weekly for the first six weeks, and then biweekly for six weeks following. Frequent follow-ups provide accountability and motivation as you watch your progress and learn effective weight management strategies.

The Athlete Training and Pre-competition plan

This program offers athletes a periodized meal plan designed specifically for their sports and based on their current training schedule and sport goals. It is a 3 tier program offering athletes a 12-week training diet plan, a 4-week pre-competition plan, a 2-week recovery plan and an offseason plan. You will meet with Angela on a one on one basis to track your progress with your nutrition plan and your performance goals. You will learn effective and manageable performance-enhancing nutrition strategies that are specific to your sport!

Dietery Analysis

During this initial 50-minute meeting, Angela will conduct a detailed diet history in order to learn more about your daily eating habits, activity, portion sizes and food preferences. She'll also ask about your risk factors for disease, lifestyle, medications, and nutrition supplement use.

During this meeting Angela will review your Computerized Diet Analysis reports with you, including:

  • Your Daily Nutrient Intake Report outlines what nutrients, and how much of each, you are consuming each day. Calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, dietary fibre and all vitamins and minerals are analyzed.
  • Your Daily Nutrient Intake vs. Daily Recommended Intake Report tells you whether or not you're meeting your recommended nutrient intakes for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre and all vitamins and minerals. Your daily nutrient intake will be compared to recommendations for weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain, depending on your specific goals.
Personal Nutrition Consulting

Personal assessments are designed to enhance your over health and well being and/or to deal with specific health issues in order to optimize your health and performance. We will provide you with a detailed review of your nutrition status with a computerized analysis while you can track your own success on our personal nutrition intake tracker! An easy to follow nutrition meal plan will be designed based on your lifestyle and specific goals while showing results which will last a lifetime!

One on one appointments for:
Individuals: youth, adults, seniors, athletes
Groups: workplace, community, athletic groups/teams, elite and recreational athletes

Body Composition Assessment:
Angela uses the internationally recognized ISAK protocol, where a complete set of 8 skinfolds and 4 girth measures are taken in order to determine lean and fat mass measures. This is important for individuals trying to achieve body composition changes.

Nutrition in Action Education Seminars and Workshops

Nutrition specific programs are designed by our Professional Dietitian to provide your group with the most up to date and reliable information tailored to your group’s specific needs. Some of the topics usually are an hour to two in length and we can customize half or full day seminars of your choice.

Popular Sessions include:

  • Label Investigator: The art of label reading
  • Fiber Facts
  • The Skinny on Fats
  • Eating for the heart of it!
  • The Diet Dilemma: Busting fad diets!
  • Powerful Food Cooking on a budget!
  • Cooking for diabetes
  • Antioxidants and Superfoods!

Popular sports specific nutrition session include:

  • Eat Drink & Thrive; Sports Nutrition Essentials
  • Add fuel to the fire: Training diet nutrition
  • Hydration balance
  • Nutrition for Growing athletes
  • Packing it in: Traveling Nutrition
  • The coaches corner: eating for performance tips
  • Supplement Savvy: The real deal
  • The Diet Dilemma: Healthy weight management strategies
  • The Balancing Act: It’s an art to balance carbs protein and fat with daily workouts, work/school.

About Angela Dufour

Angela is YOUR EXPERT in Nutrition consulting and education for adults, seniors, youth and athletes. Her individualized private consulting offer clients science-based nutrition advice in an easy to follow and achievable manner. Over the past ten years, Angela has help hundreds of clients in Atlantic Canada achieve their health and fitness goals!

Angela is a dynamic Professional Dietitian, Speaker and Educator, specializing in a variety of health and nutrition issues with extensive experience in sports nutrition education. She is effective in assisting and guiding her clients to achieve their goals by easily translating nutrition science into practical, key health and nutrition actions that step by step create a healthier you! Angela’s powerful and engaging presentations for community and workplaces are personally designed and are packed with the most current, reliable and specific nutrition information.


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