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Nutrition in Action is a personal consulting services that focus on Digestion Health, Weight Loss, and Sports Nutrition. We also offer services that focus on corporate wellness. Nutrition in Action is managed by registered dietitian Angela Dufour, MEd., RD, CSSD, IOC. Nutrition in Action serves Hammonds Plains, NS and other surrounding areas.

With Angela’s nutrient management services, she has helped hundreds of people to become healthy and stay on track with their nutrient management programs. She serves people from all ages and she gives science-based pieces of advice that are easy to follow and very achievable

Nutrition information you can trust from Atlantic Canada’s leading dietitian!

We help you make life long changes, not quick fixes to your dietary intake and overall health.

We develop a nutrition and meal plan based on your goals and lifestyle. As your nutrition and health coach, I engage you to take ownership of your plan and goals to be a part of the process and step by step on the road to a healthier you!


About Angela Dufour

Angela is YOUR EXPERT in Nutrition consulting and education for adults, seniors, youth and athletes. Her individualized private consulting offer clients science-based nutrition advice in an easy to follow and achievable manner. Over the past ten years, Angela has help hundreds of clients in Atlantic Canada achieve their health and fitness goals!

Angela is a dynamic Professional Dietitian, Speaker and Educator, specializing in a variety of health and nutrition issues with extensive experience in sports nutrition education. She is effective in assisting and guiding her clients to achieve their goals by easily translating nutrition science into practical, key health and nutrition actions that step by step create a healthier you! Angela’s powerful and engaging presentations for community and workplaces are personally designed and are packed with the most current, reliable and specific nutrition information.


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