Creating Total Wellness

Mary-Anne MacPherson

Who I Serve Best:

I thoroughly love to coach those who are interested in delving into themselves, wanting more out of life, choosing to embrace health (on all levels), de-stressing, and just wanting more peace and joy in their lives.

I tend to work with people who have tried many diet programs and read all the books on losing weight, but just can't seem to have it work for them. I'm the solution people wished they came across years ago. I go beyond the call of duty to find the reasons that those diet programs didn't work for you, and from there we follow the program to success after clearing the blocks.

Many times there is a connection between blocked weight loss and insufficient hormone levels. I'm very pleased to offer a natural solution to balancing hormones through powerful homeopathic preparations, along with a healthy food program. I also incorporate powerful Theta processes to clear subconscious programs that are blocking your successes.

How I Serve The World Best:
Having been through illness, abuse, and severe fatigue; it gives me a great deal of compassion for those struggling with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health, as I believe they are all one.

I do a great deal of training about the mind-body connection, helping clients understand how their thoughts & their emotions contribute to their health, or lack of it. Once they follow my Winning at Wellness program, clients empower themselves and become passionate about becoming all that they can be. It's a wholistic approach because Total Wellness cannot be achieved by focusing only on Physical Health.

I've been in the Holistic Nutrition field since 1995 and it feels amazing to have helped so many people through their physical, emotional, mental & spiritual obstacles to achieve Total Wellness.

I tell you, it wasn't easy to get to where I am today. From birth, I was challenged with many disadvantages - from adoption, to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse growing up, eventually being bedridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromygia, Hypothyroidism & Clinical Depression - it's been a struggle. They say 'necessity is the mother of invention' and I was desperate to get healthy, so I created my own path to Wellness.

I came into Holistic Nutrition out of necessity when 11 Doctors & Specialists had NO solid answers to help me. After seeing amazing results in myself, I've continued to dive deeper into this industry for myself and for you.

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