Dr. Scriberras

Dr. Jeff Sciberras graduated in 1999 from the University of Waterloo, the only English taught school of optometry in Canada. Prior to earning his Doctorate of Optometry, he attended McGill University where he majored in Microbiology and was distinguished as a Canada Scholar. Dr. Sciberras completed a four-month residency at the prestigious Barnett-Dulaney Eye Hospital in Mesa, Arizona. He helped serve underprivileged areas in Jamaica and Mexico with I Care International. Dr. Sciberras has a special interest in pediatric optometry, because he knows how important vision is to a child's ability to learn. In 2007, Dr. Sciberras earned his re-certification in the use of topical therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of eye disease. Dr. Sciberras personally attends to each patient in the proper selection of eyewear to ensure ultimate patient satisfaction with their vision correction.

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