Dr. Fernand G. Arseneau

Dr. Fernand Arseneau

Dr. Fernand Arseneau is a family physician at the Trinity Medical Clinic in Moncton, NB.

As a Member of Canadian Francophone Doctors from the beginning of his practice, Dr. Fernand Arseneau has been commitment to the General Council for fifteen years. He is motivated by the pleasure of valuing the francophone medicine throughout the country. Dr. Arseneau is a vivid promoter of the association in its region, and is part of the Organizing Committee of the Symposium of Moncton. Dr. Arseneau recognizes the importance of extending vocational training to continue recruiting new members and to follow the new technological wave. 

From the beginning of his medical training, Dr. Arseneau has been fascinated by the highly specialized discipline of sports medicine. He received his medical degree in 1986. 

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