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Active living is at the heart of Coastal Fitness.  We make sure the walk is walked before passing anything on to clients or potential clients. Enjoying all aspects of fitness is what Coastal Fitness is all about. These include eating well, enjoying the outdoors, lifting weights, doing cardio and getting adequate amounts of rest. All of these allow US to lead by example.

Fitness is not age specific, just because it ‘has been a few years’ doesn’t mean you are a lost cause. Our clientele ranges from 14-65+. We love seeing all ages take pleasure in fitness and its many benefits.

Your training time with Coastal will be efficient. We have found that this is one of the most precious things clients’ possess - time. Its worth is immeasurable, and here in lies the value of having someone along side you to make every minute count. Don’t get the wrong idea, time has to be put in to achieve results, but why put more than you have to.

We at Coastal Fitness require a few things from our clients.

First and foremost is honesty. Without it the relationship will not work. Second, is respect for each others time. As already mentioned, time is valuable to both of us, so let’s use it wisely. And lastly, we love working with people who come motivated and are willing to put a huge amount of effort into being successful. We will direct those efforts in the best possible way!

The world of fitness is ever evolving, we at Coastal Fitness are constantly reading, testing new techniques, attending conferences, and always seeking better ways to serve you, the client.
Having a trainer is immensely valuable for the times that you are together but the true success stories come when you are able to employ the tips, techniques and discipline in the many other hours that you are on your own.

 Each person is created uniquely and has individual life experiences. This results in a very complex person that deserves dedicated attention to details that would otherwise be overlooked if left alone.

We have a very firm believe that you can never outwork poor nutrition. This is so overwhelmingly a part Coastal Fitness’ philosophy and lifestyle that we have brought on Kristine as a Nutrition Consultant to bring clarity to an ever confusing segment of living healthy.


Personal Training:

  • A free consultation to discover goals, motivations, possible hindrances, training styles/level (if known), availability etc.
  • A full and on-going assessment of current physical health including blood pressure, body composition, resting heart rate, and measurements.
  • A comprehensive postural analysis, to ensure any training done is helping long term as well as short term.
  • General nutritional counselling, for many this is the tough one, we can be there to assist with this sometimes confusing and daunting task.
  • Program Design, ensuring what you spend your valuable time on in the gym is the most efficient and effective.
  • Motivation, that proverbial kick in the butt to get moving, or to keep truckin’!
  • We are a mobile company working  out of local fitness facilities, and we also offer in-home training to fit your needs.


Team Training:

  • As a coach or parent you only want the best for your athletes.  Coastal Fitness has a mandate of just that, deliver results.  In the off season we can improve your teams speed, relative strength and power. Need stay sharp during the season, we have you covered.  We have worked with athletes of all levels.  We are a no frills, results based company; all of our programs are proven to work, there is no guess work here, time proven techniques to get your athletes to the next level.


Nutrition Consulting:

  • It is a well known fact that exercise alone is not enough to achieve long term changes with ones body.  We as a company firmly believe the statement that you 'cannot outwork poor nutrition'.  It is with this mindset that we now have a team member in Kristine who works with all of our clients that desire nutritional consulting over and above what a personal trainer is able to provide.  Below you will find some of the services we provide, if what you need is not there, ask and generally we can make it happen!!


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