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Cherry Blossom Pole Dancing Studio is Ottawa’s largest and hottest pole dancing studio located in the Ottawa East end.  Enjoy what our studio has to offer with our eleven poles,spinning pole stage, classy lounge, chic atmosphere and top qualified friendly pole fitness instructors.

Cherry Blossom Pole Dancing Studio offers a variety of pole dancing classes. From beginner to advanced 6 week classes, pilates, pole dancing boot camps, pole parties, private lessons and a variety of sexy workshops you’re bound to find the perfect class for you. All classes are limited to ten students to allow a pole for each student  and no pole sharing to ensuring a quality workout. If group classes aren’t for you try one of our private classes where you can choose to focus on pole dancing, pilates or personal training. If you can’t commit to a 6-week program try one of our drop in classes or pole teasers if you’ve never pole danced before to see what it’s all about. We also hold pole practice sessions which allows  access to our poles, this is a great way to practice your routine and pole moves and free for students currently enrolled in a 6-week class!

Pole fitness is a fabulous total body workout, especially for your upper body and core. Pole dancing is great for weight loss, toning, defining and a fun, sexy workout. Cherry Blossom Pole Dancing Studio welcomes ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.



 Pole Dancing Classes:

  • Specially designed pole dancing classes from beginner to expert, with seven different levels to keep you challenged. Each Level focuses on an array of moves, and along the way teaches you a sexy routine.
  • Some students will have to take the same level a few times before continuing to the next level. New routines and moves and combos will be taught each cycle to keep it fresh.


Intro/Pole Teaser Class:

  • Never tried pole dancing and want to give it a try?! This class introduces you to basic pole moves, floor work and choreography.


Beginner Classes:

 Level 1: Pole Virgins

  • Get acquainted with the pole as you learn the basic moves of pole dancing with floor moves, basic choreography and spins. This level breaks you in and teaches you the basics of pole dancing as well as a fun routine.

Level 2: Sexy Dancers

  • Become a sexy dancer as you perfect moves from level 1 and start to move with grace and elegance. Learn more challenging spins and climbs as we put them all together to create a special routine.

Intermediate Classes:

Level 3: Pole Divas

  • You are now becoming a more confident, sultry and sexy pole dancer. We will be taking it up a notch as you learn how to flip upside down and hang off the pole! You won’t want to miss this sultry routine perfected for the pole diva in you!

Level 4: Feisty Femmes

  • As your strength increases you will now climb to higher heights and learn more difficult moves and transitions. You will increase your strength and improve your cardio and flexibility as you learn a feisty routine.


Advanced Classes:

Level 5: Pole Stars

  • Learn more challenging inverts and holds as you bring out the inner pole star. Learn new hand grips and maneuvers like the shoulder mount and superman.

Level 6: Dare Devil Babes

  • Learn the most jaw dropping tricks and combos as you climb even higher to execute moves to bring out the acrobatic in you. Polish up on moves taught in level 5 and learn a new routine which will be sure to amaze.

Level 7: Pole Queens

  • Welcome to the highest of all classes Queens! Time to learn the most challenging moves like the handspring and pretzel as we further increase you flexibility, strength and endurance. This is an ongoing class to help perfect the most difficult moves out there!


*NEW* Let’s Get Flexy! Flexibilty Training

  • This class is for everyone and anyone who wants to increase their flexibility for the pole and in general. Each class we will do a warm up to get those muscles and tendons all warm and then we will do solo stretches and partner stretches. You will also be given some great stretches that you can do at home for best results.



  • Yoga is great for everyone! Not only will it increase your flexibility,tone your muscles and give you a complete detox. It will relieve your stresses, increase your energy levels, flexibility and correct your posture. Come drop in on Sundays for this special hour and a half workshop.


Pole Boot Camp

  • This cardio pole strength circuit will help you lose weight and increase your overall fitness level. Build strength and endurance so you can pull off the most challenging pole tricks! Specially designed workouts each class will keep your body guessing, you will be looking fine in no time!
  • Prerequisite: Level 1 Pole Virgins Class is recommended.


Pole Practice

  • With a variety of practice times daily six days a week, get your routine down perfect and come work out amongst your fellow pole dancers. Please check the practice schedule for a time that works for you!


Private lessons

  • Your choice of Pole Dancing, Pilates or Personal Training.


Drop in classes:

  • Drop in classes are available by appointment only to ensure a pole for each student.


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