Bodizone Personal Fitness Studio

BODiZONE Private Fitness Studios are designed to be personal, functional, effective and esthetically pleasing. Warm and inviting, our intimate environment evokes a feeling of security and privacy not found in the large gyms.

Every piece of equipment has been hand picked for one specific reason- to deliver results. Unlike other facilities with row after row of machines- free weights, stability balls and benches dominate each BODiZONE private training area.

At Bodizone Private Fitness Studios we are committed to helping both men and women achieve their health and fitness goals through our highly effective 4 phase approach.

Utilizing highly personalized exercise, nutrition, supplementation and coaching programs our experts will show you the fastest and healthiest way to lose fat, increase lean muscle and strength, increase energy and develop a healthy lifestyle.

After all at Bodizone, we make fitness happen.

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300 Lakeshore Road East ,
Oakville, Ontario, L6J 1J2

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