Isagenix - Inspired Bodies Nutrition

Isagenix - Inspired Bodies Nutrition

Inspired Bodies are Nutritional Cleanse Coaches & Independent Distributors of the Isagenix Health solutions, based in Canada and servicing all countries where Isagenix is available.

We show people how to achive breakthorughs in their health through delicious, customized nutrition systems that will save you time & money, easily integrate into your lifestyle and allow you to maintain your health goals for the long-term.

We offer free consultations by appointment either on the phone, Skype or in person and all our systems come with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

We believe every body deserves to feel young & vibrant, be confident & love how they look in their own skin and be able to afford and enjoy the health benefits that the leading science-based nutrition systems have to offer. 

We've helped many people tranform their health are are looking forward to helping you achieve your own goals.


Belinda is a registered Physiotherapist and Mark is a Management Consultant, CEO of a number of international companies and passionate about sport, health and nutrition.

We started Isagenix together on the recommendation of a friend as despite eating right and exercising often we still struggled to achieve our personal health goals. After trialling the nutrition and taking on the free IsaBody Challenge we were blown away by the effect the system had on our energy levels, our sleep, our skin and our body composition. In the first 4 weeks we experienced significant changes and at the end of the 16 week challenge we had both achieved the health and bodies we’d always dreamed of. Being passionate about health and having a solid understanding of training and nutrition through our studies and professional lives Sharing the Isagenix story was a natural progression, and Inspired Bodies is our way of helping others achieve, and more importantly maintain their own health goals.



Why Isagenix

Why Isagenix

START Your Life

START Your Life

Isagenix - Are You Toxic? (Promo Length)

Isagenix - Are You Toxic?...

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