Bow River Hearing Aid Centre

For over 25 years we have committed ourselves to treat every one of our patients like our own family. At Bow River Hearing, you don’t just get care, you get devotion, you get a team dedicated as much to your journey as your hearing solution.

We only give our family the best, so you can always depend on the best experts and the best products.

Treating our patients like family, means knowing our patients like family, and that’s how we can be certain that we will find the hearing solution that is perfect for you. There is never an inconvenient time, never too many questions, and never a concern that we can’t help with. Being a part of Bow River Hearing means sharing your problem, sharing the journey to the solution, and sharing the joy of confident, worry-free communication.

A family business since our inception, family will always be central to how we operate.

As a part of our family, your hearing problem is our problem – we’re the experts, and we want to carry that burden for you so that you’re free to live your life without the worry of embarrassment or isolation.

Families run on care and trust, so when you arrive at Bow River Hearing, you will find a team who are genuinely pleased to see you; you will find a lavender tea because you mentioned how much you love it during your previous visit; you will be surprised by our passion and the level of detail every time, and you will find nothing short of complete care and attention.

We don’t sell hearing aids, we give people a chance to re-embrace their independence, and we work hard for those moments where we can share the joy of a life changed for the better.

At Bow River Hearing we offer a variety of products and services that ensure your hearing health is at its finest. Our specialists will work with you determine what is right for your needs, and provide you with the services that keep you healthy and informed, and the products that give you the worry-free independence to enjoy life.

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103 – 1518 Centre Street NE ,
Calgary, AB, T2E 2R9


Bow River Hearing has three locations in Calgary and one in Airdrie. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic that is most convenient for you to visit. You can find the listing at

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Monday – Friday

9:30 AM – 5:30 PM


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