Calgary Family Service Society

Calgary Family Service Society

Calgary Family Services develops and implements programs that are holistic and serve the city of Calgary throughout all life cycles.


  • Services are designed to: enhance individual and family relationships; help children reach their full potential; engage older adults in contributing to their communities and assist vulnerable citizens to maintain their dignity and respect.
  • Individuals, families and communities turn to us for support through childhood, adulthood and elderhood.
  •  Calgary Family Services takes pride in its stable yet growing integrated community presence and partnerships. It consistently seeks opportunities to work with others.
  • The agency’s positive impact on the community is due to its ability to anticipate and to be responsive to community needs, as well as its willingness to be flexible and continually evolve activities to ensure effectiveness and relevance.



Strong families and communities for generations.


Building strength in Calgary’s diverse population through:

  • Family and individual support
  • Community development
  • Counselling
  • Homecare
  • Collaboration


Values guide the interaction between Calgary Family Services and clients, partners, each other and everyone the agency comes in contact with.


I: Inclusive
N: New Ideas
S: Skills
P: Play
I: Integrity
R: Respect
E: Education

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906 8 Ave SW ,
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