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    Nov 01 2022

    Collaboration is Key to Growth!

    One of my first collaborations was with HealthLocal! This was a great choice for my company to get noticed and get clients sent my way. But it developed into something much more beneficial. Soon after my business was listed with them, I started to...

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    Jun 21 2022

    Have you seen your parents feet lately?

    We take care of our elderly parents. We grocery shop, we take them to the bank, and we take them to medical...

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    May 21 2022

    Toe and Foot Transformations

    Let’s share with you foot and nail conditions and how we transform them to a healthier...

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    Apr 21 2022

    LTC/ Retirement Facility Foot Care Nurse Program

    Do you have a loved one in a Retirement or Long-Term Care Facility in need of proper medical foot...

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