Absolute Therapeutics

Absolute Therapeutics

The mission of Absolute Therapeutics is a commitment to excellence through a focus on individual care, offering unique modalities, and convenience of accessibility to relieve pain, to improve mobility, and to relieve stress, ultimately helping our clients.

We are a multi award clinic and we strive to deliever the best customer care possible.  Our therapists truly have your best interests at heart when setting out your individual treatment plans.  That is why our therapists are constantly upgrading their skills and seeking new alternative treatments.


We offer deep tissue, relaxation and hot stone massages, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, kinesiotaping, bosu ball training for core strengthening, Bowen therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, reflexology, and reiki, all by registered and licensed therapists.


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1005 Elgin Street West, Suite 207 ,
Cobourg, ON, K9A 5J4


Monday - Thursday 10am - 8pm

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Saturdays by appointment only


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