aLife Integrative Wellness

aLife Integrative Wellness

Your professional and sincere ally in optimal wellness.

aLife Professional Therapist Team:

Acupuncturists, Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Manual Osteopathic Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Holistic Nutritionists, and Health Coaches

Our professional team works together to serve you!

Multi-disciplinary approach to target trouble areas in order to provide effective solutions for:

Head / Neck / Back Pain; Frozen Shoulder; Tennis/Golf Elbow; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Knee Pain; Flat Feet; Sciatica; Sports Injury; Posture Improvement; Physical Performance; and many more acute and chronic painful conditions.

Services can be covered by:

Extended Health Plan; Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA); Work Related Injuries (WSIB)

aLife is unique


aLife is your professional and sincere ally in optimal wellness.

Our clinic is special:

We take an integrative approach when treating our patients. We have a team of acupuncturists, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, manual osteopathic practitioners, physiotherapists, holistic nutritionists, and health coaches. Our professional team works collaboratively to achieve professional client care.

We are proud to be your professional and sincere ally in optimal wellness.

We put our heart and professionalism in helping everyone of our clients. We are strong advocate of treatment approach and health education that empowers our clients towards true healing.

aLife is unique

We respect the holistic nature of your body

We treat the whole person rather than dealing only with symptoms

The aLife professional team can comprehensively target trouble areas creating long lasting relief and healing to your acute or chronic pain conditions.

We cater true integrative therapy for your wellness need

Multi-disciplinary therapists work collaboratively together to help solve your health challenges

We celebrate the healing power of you

Empower you by health education and community wellness talks to help you take control of your own health

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