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Owen Sound massage

Owen Sound massage

Experience the difference of Myomassology.  In addition to conventional Swedish massage techniques, you will enjoy a host of other methods that promote a deep sense of well being, pain relief and chakra balancing.   To maximize youthfulness, energy, and glowing health, alternative treatments release relaxing endorphins from centers in your brain.  They provide circulatory stimulation, lactic acid drainage, immune stimulation and detoxification of contaminants found in our daily environments.

A treatment protocol will be designed for you based on your personal needs, from finger-tip soft relaxational massage to deep tissue therapeutic massage, concentrating on tired aching muscles and areas of stress. In a typical Myomassology treatment, various therapeutic methods may be utilized and treatment is always designed to meet individual client needs.   This recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and is the "hallmark" of a Myomassologists' training.

BodyTherapies' philosophy is to empower women to take control of their own health through helpful de-stressing techniques.  Life in the 21st century is stressful and works the physiology of your body into overdrive!  Be taken away from the daily grind with stress-relieving natural therapies designed for your whole-body wellness. Only all natural, custom-blended compounds are used for your massage sessions.

Anne Kaarid, RMP

Anne is a Registered Myomassology Practitioner , certified with the Canadian Examining Board of Health Practitioners, and the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.   She has graduated (with honours) from Aromatica, Centre for Natural Therapies and Holistic Studies (Ontario, Canada).  Anne is also certified in Fire & Raindrop Therapy (medical aromatherapy).

Anne's background in small business, marketing and administration has grounded her with a dream to open a school of wholistic studies in the region.  She plans to hold her first classes in Myomassology in the Fall/Winter of 2011.

Anne, along with her two sons, have been residents of Grey County since 1998.  She has been involved in the region through the arts and heritage as well as the health care community in both volunteer and professional capacities.  Anne is committed to offering professional therapies to the women of Grey and Bruce counties, and endeavours to spread the good news about this innovative alternative health care practice.


Full Body Massage

  • This is a soothing and relaxing massage in which various therapeutic methods may be utilized, and treatment is always designed to meet individual client needs.  Focus will be given to the entire body, from head to foot and back again!

Desk Jockey Massage

  • This is both a relaxing and deep tissue massage in which various therapeutic methods may be utilized.  Treatment will focus on common aches and pains found in people that spend considerable time at their desks, such as: sore neck, "mouse-arm" (imitates carpal tunnel syndrome), "blackberry-finger", and frequent headaches.

Sports Massage

  • This is a therapeutic, but relaxing massage, in which various massage methods may be used.  Treatment will focus on the stresses of the lower back, hips, leg muscles and sore feet!  This treatment is ideal for runners, dancers, skiers, and athletes, as well as the woman that stands on her feet for long periods of time.

Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage

  • Special care for expectant mothers!  This massage can be performed while lying prone (face down) up to full-term, using specially-designed massage cushions.  Side-Laying and Chair Massage are also available.  Please contact Anne to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

Chair Massage in the Workplace 

  • This is a wonderful form of massage that can be performed any where.  The fully clothed sitting position makes it easy and accessible, and especially convenient for people at work in a business environment. 

Traditional Chinese Fire Cupping

  • Chinese Fire Cupping is a traditional form of healing, dating back thousands of years to China and ancient Egypt.  Negative pressure is created within a glass sphere by the introduction of a lighted taper, and the cup then swiftly placed on the site that has been pre-selected on the body.   The cup adheres to the skin's surface, drawing tissue up into it as well as attracting body fluids in large quantities to the site.  The fluids are blood and lymph.  Blood saturates the tissue underneath the cups.  This is especially useful over "knots" in sore, tired, aching muscles where the blood has been squeezed out of the muscle through increased tension.  This newly accumulated oxygenated blood bathes the muscle deep to its core, lubricating fibres and contributing to the healing of the tissue.  Lymph removes the painful build-up of lactic acid in the muscle also.  These physiological changes brought about by cupping decrease tension in the muscle and restore blood, thereby relaxing it.

TMJ Therapeutic Massage

  • Jaw pain is often the result of chronic tension and stress, which become held in the memory of the fascia and muscles surrounding the TMJ; Craniosacral Therapy facilitates the release and opening of the tense connective-tissue web holding the jaw in a painful pattern. 
  • Intra-Oral massaging of the jaw muscles brings immediate relief�and may lead to long-lasting results. This combination of therapy is used to unwind and stretch the fascia, which allows the underlying muscles to relax, bringing relief to the TMJ sufferer.

Fire & Raindrop Therapy

  • This therapy is ideal for clients with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, compromised immune systems, or those seeking to boost their immune system for flu season, or the return to school!
  • This therapy includes a relaxing back massage using acupressure points, fire cupping, and clinical aromatherapy with hot compresses.
  • For a maximum effect, it is recommended that 3-6 appointments are scheduled for this treatment (over a 4-6 week period).

Craniosacral Massage

  • Jaw pain is often the result of chronic tension and stress, which become held in the memory of the fascia and muscles surrounding the TMJ; Craniosacral Therapy facilitates the release and opening of the tense connective-tissue web holding the jaw in a painful pattern.  A gentle touch is used to unwind and stretch the fascia, which allows the underlying muscles to relax.
  • Because it is gentle, CST performed by a trained professional is safe for anyone.  However, if your jaw pain is new or follows an injury, get examined by a medical practitioner first to rule out any contributing factors.

Intra-Oral Massage

  • Massaging jaw muscles brings immediate relief and may lead to long-lasting results.    The practitioner puts on a rubber glove and massages the muscles inside your mouth.  The jaw joint can become misaligned when muscles are not working properly, but working on the muscle tissue and its trigger points will allow the joint to realign and stabilize naturally.

 On-Site/Workplace Massage

  • Workplace Massage is the ultimate in Stress Reduction & Stress Management for professionals.
  • The aim is to make employees happier, healthier, and more productive.  The concept behind the workplace massage is that a 30 minute massage is enough of a postural break to work as a preventative of physical and mental stress. 
  • The massage is conducted in an ergonomically correct portable massage chair by a qualified massage practitioner specifically trained in Chair Massage and Trigger Point Therapy.

Pregnancy Massage

  • Special pregnancy body cushions allow the mother-to-be to experience back massage in the face-down position again - up to full-term - to counteract muscular aches and pains along the spine.  Body cushions also allow massage in the side-laying position which are particularly effective in the 2nd trimester utilising specific stretches to mobilize the sacro-iliac joints and expand the rib cage to accept the growing uterus.
  • Pregnancy massage targets low back pain, hip pain and sciatica by releasing tight gluteal (bum) muscles, tendons and ligaments.  This relieves pain and improves blood flow to the lower extremities to resolve leg cramping, a common condition associated with pregnancy.


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