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Samantha graduated with honours from Canadian Therapeutic College. She’s been a registered massage therapist for 7yrs working from Burlington, Ontario. Specializes in structural Integration\myofascial release. Pursing her passion for healing. An exuberant lifelong leaner, she attends numerous continuing education seminars such as Hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, cranial sacral, electro modilities, lymph drainage and assessment excellence courses. She brings knowledge and skill set from both her hands on and academic back ground. Along with all this, is her caring and compassionate attitude to do what is best for her patients. Sam also has been working with special cases. Patients with Parkinson, cancer and MS. Designing health programs specialize for each individual own needs. Treating there symptoms, helping prolife, home care such as exercises, diet and strengthen. She has coming up with and anterior neck route to help with speech problems.  

"Regina's Massage Therapist"



Therapeutic massage

Hot stone massage

Enfant massage Classes

Structural integration

Myofascial release

Active release

Complex 5 headache treatment


30minute massage                                                            $45

45minute massage                                                            $65

60minute massage                                                            $75

90minute massage                                                            $110

Hot stone massage                                                            $110

Myofascial Structural Integration                                           $110 per session

Complex 5 headache treatment                                           $45

Paraffin wax                                                                       $10

Cancellation Policy

Please remember all appointments require 24hours notice for cancellation. Cancellation less than 24hours notice will be subject to a fee.

Massage Therapy

Firm, yet gentle pressure to manipulate tissues at different tissue depths based on your needs and tolerance. Massage offers many medical benefits and is one of the best methods to relieve stress, headaches and pain. Through manipulation of the muscles and pressure to the body, massage therapy increases circulation, sending oxygen throughout the body. The physiological results are astounding, including a reduction in pain, faster muscle recovery during activities and a more balanced, relaxed body. I believe massage therapy is the first step in restoring ourselves. Headaches, soreness, flare ups from old or recent incident which may cause us to change the way we function and to lose quality of life, are easily treatable with massage.


Massage therapy is one of the best remedies for stress. Endorphins are released by our bodies during a massage. These natural anti-stress hormones quiet edginess and make it easier to sleep at night. Massage has a direct effect on reducing muscle tension and headaches.  Reducing stress gives you more energy, improves your overall wellbeing and can prevent injuries and illness in the process.


Massage can accelerate healing in injuries such as tendonitis, ligament sprains, muscle strains and other musculoskeletal complaints in the body to recover quicker. Massage helps reduce inflammation by increasing circulation, which removes waste products (toxins\lactic acid) and brings nutritive fluids to injured cells.


By reducing chronic muscle tension, massage can help prevent injuries that might be caused by over use, over stressed or unbalanced, inflexible muscle groups.

How will a massage feel?

Massage on healthy tissues generally feels good and allows the body to relaxin response to this type of physical treatment. Working in the area of an injury or chronic pain\dysfunction may cause discomfort at first, but this usually lessens after the initial treatment. Patient may be sore for 24 to 48 hours after a treatment. The therapist works within each patient comfort and pain guide lines. Make sure to drink lots of water after to increase circulatory flush of toxins.

Conditions massage helps treat

= Sports injuries

 = Back pain

= Stress management

= Headaches

= Motor vehicle accident injury

= Acute and chronic injuries

= Fibromyalgia

= Swelling\lymphedema

= Work place injuries

= Decrease circulation\edema

= Repetitive injuries


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