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Asclepius Massage Therapy is a professional massage therapy practice that offers an extensive list of services which help clients to reach their wellness goals. All our therapists are RMT's (Registered Massage therapists). Located in Scarborough, Ontario.


  • IOANNIS (JOHN) TANTOULOS, Owner/Registered Massage Therapist
  • RICHARD EICHLER, Registered Massage Therapist
  • JACQUELINE LI, Registered Massage Therapist



Sports Massage:

  • Sports Massage treatments are available for both before and after sporting events. One involves forceful strokes to warm up muscles to increase muscle length and function, while the other treatment focuses primarily on relieving strain from overworked muscles. Recommended for.


Swedish Massage:

  • Swedish Massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, prevent and relieve muscle cramps and spasms, reduce stress and improve blood circulation. A variaety of conditions are treated such as chronic back pain, muscle strains/sprains, arthritis, tennis elbow, sciatica etc. Sweedish massage can be slow and gentle or deep and vigorous depending on what the therapist wants to achieve. Sweedish massage usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension. If you want a more intensive and firmer treatement, ask for a deep tissue massage.


Pregnancy Massage:

  • Pregnancy Massage is intended to relieve discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy by focusing on mid and lower back pain, hip discomfort, swelling in the lower body, and other normal body aches and pains that come with a rapidly changing body.


Relaxation Massage:

  • Relaxation Massage involves soft and gentle massage strokes that are used to relax the body and the mind by coordinating massage techniques with breathing. This type of therapy is performed without heavy pressure, and uses long, smooth strokes and light kneading to ease tender muscles. Recommended for anxiety, re-balancing and stress.


N.I.S.A (Neuromuscular Integration of Structural Alignment):

  • N.I.S.A. focuses on postural concerns or dysfunctions and fascial tissue adhesions. Fascia is the connective tissue that covers the entire body and encapsulates each individual muscle and organ. Recommended for chronic posture habits.


Lymph Drainage:

  • Lymph Drainage is a specialized form of massage that is soothing, flowing and rhythmic. Techniques are used to help stimulate and encourage the Lymphatic System to resume its natural function by guided away excess fluid away from congested areas. Throughout the entire treatment, the therapist will use extremely light pressure.


Intraoral/extraoral massage:

  • Intraoral/extraoral massage refers to massage inside or outside the mouth/jaw related to jaw pain and headaches. TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a common condition treated using this therapy. When treating inside the mouth, the therapist will always wear dental gloves. If you suffer from bruxism (grinding of the teeth) or jaw clenching resulting in pain or chronic headaches please ask your therapist about this treatment.


Infant Massage:

  • Infant Massage assists in the relief of physical discomforts experienced by infants. Gentle pressure and strokes are applied to different parts of the body to soothe pains caused by gas and congestion and can sometimes even calm some colicky babies.



  • Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating various conditions. Conditions such as sinusitis can be treated with a facial steam bath followed by a facial massage. Some chronic pain conditions respond well to heat and water and a 20 minute soak on our jacuzzi bath prior to your massage may be just what you need. Ice may also be applied during part of your treatment to relieve pain associated with inflammation caused by arthritic joints, or acute injuries.


Deep Tissue Massage:

  • Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue by using slower movements and deeper pressure on concentrated areas of discomfort. Recommended for lower back tightness, sore shoulders and stiff necks.


Craniosacral Massage:

  • Craniosacral Massage focuses on the craniosacral system. Registered Massage Therapists work with the spine, skull and its cranial sutures, diaphragms and fascia to ease restrictions of nerve passages, improve movement of cerebrospinal fuild through the spinal cord and realign bones to their proper positions. Recommended for chronic pain conditions, migraines, neck and back pain stress and TMJ Syndrome.


Chair Massage:

  • Chair Massage focuses on key tension areas in the arms, back, neck and shoulders. It is generally an on-site treatment performed most often at corporate environments and/or special events, and is typically a short massage, ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, which is performed through articles of clothing.




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