dawn Registered Massage Therapy Clinic

dawn Registered Massage Therapy Clinic

Registered Massage Therapy Surrey Fleetwood

We are experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional Registered Massage Therapists serving the Surrey area with safe and effective healthcare. With the addition of a Kinesiologist, we are able to offer both passive and active therapies resulting in a well-rounded regimen.  We follow a strict code of ethics and are very focused on achieving optimal results in your recovery, rehabilitation, and overall good health.  Every body is different and requires an individual approach to treatment.  This will be assessed and planned with you at your initial visit, and reassessed continually during your progress. For more information, please visit www.dcrmt.ca 

We are regulated healthcare professionals in British Columbia.  RMT's treat soft-tissue dysfunction in the body by first reviewing your medical history, assessing your individual physiologic needs, and then using manual techniques, will realign joints, decrease muscle spasms or tension, correct circulatory and lymphatic flow, and decrease nervous system dysfunction.

Our RMT's are all licensed under the Health Professions Act, have successfully completed a 3000 hour program of education and training to become competent in Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Neurology, Kinesiology, Hydrotherapy, Clinical Assessment, Manual Lymph Drainage Treatment, Therapeutic Exercise, Joint Mobilization, Systemic Dysfunction, Sports Massage and Athletic Treatment, Medication, Surgery, Nutrition, and Pain and Stress Management.

Registration with our regulatory body, the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia, is mandatory following our registration exams, as is the continuing education and upgrading of knowledge and skills.  We are all members in good standing of both the CMTBC as well as the Massage Therapists Association of BC.


  • Most extended healthcare plans offer coverage for Registered Massage Therapy. Please check with your employer's benefits for your specific information. We are also happy to directly bill your extended health provider for you!

  • ICBC, MSP, RCMP, and DVA coverages are accepted.

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