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Reset Your Posture in 10 Minutes a Day

Recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, golfers, yoga instructors and health professionals, is superior to a traditional back brace, neck pillow, lumbar support, posture brace or yoga block. The 10 Minute Cushion functions to stretch and correct your posture, preparing your spine and surrounding muscles for functional activity.

Relieve your neck and low back pain! The 10 Minute Cushion is a simple device that uses the natural pull of gravity to improve posture, mobility, and flexibility, allowing for proper communication between the brain, spinal cord, and the extremities – and promises the countless benefits that accompany a healthy spine.

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Better posture. Better Life!


 Teal Adult Cushions 

Recommended for athletes and active adults.

   Charcoal Adult Cushions 

Recommended for athletes and active adults.


Red Junior Cushion 

Recommended for children or people of smaller stature.


Olive Senior Cushion 

slightly softer, recommended for seniors or people with poor posture and little flexibility.

 Don't suffer from poor posture. Correctly using the 10 Minute Cushion can help to reverse many health issues and ensure your posture is healthy for life. It enables a true, deep, gentle and passive stretch of the muscles at the front of your chest as well as your back and neck. 

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"I cannot emphasize enough that taking the time to use the 10 Minute Cushion each day is a cruicial step to ensuring you have a healthy posture, you are breathing well and that your spine works for a lifetime." - Dr. Laina Shulman, Pure Health Wellness Centre, London, ON  

"Kyphotic posture is a serious issue for golfers. The rounding of the spine in the form of the letter C stems from a number of things including prolonged sitting. But golfers need more flexion in their torso in order to swing the club properly. This foamed wedge helps improve posture and spinal mobility." - Ron Kaspriske, Fitness Editor Golf Digest Magazine

"My career as a professional athlete is physically demanding and has definitely caused some wear and tear on my body. One of my trouble areas has been my lower back. Due to my intense off-season training, as well as in-season practices and games, my back often tightens up. As a result, I lose range of motion and risk further injury if the issue is not resolved. The 10 Minute Cushion vastly increased my range of motion the very first time I tried it. I now use the 10 Minute Cushion on a daily basis both before and after workouts, and I truly believe that it is improving my performance. It is such a simple product, but it works!!" - Jason Pottinger, #46 CFL

"I have had a wonderful response from my patients to the 10 Minute Cushion. I use it during manual therapy treatments, in-office exercises and for the patient home postural re-education program. Even patient’s with very significant kyphotic postures generally tolerate the 10 Minute Cushion (with the head properly supported). Thank you for this excellent addition to my treatment routine." - Dan Goldstein, PT, OCS, SCS, ATC 

The 10 Minute Cushion Now Available in 3 Models

Charcoal and Teal Adult Cushions –  Recommended for athletes and active adults. 

Red Junior Cushion –  Recommended for children or people of smaller stature. This product is slightly shorter in length to fit a smaller back. 

Olive Senior Cushion –  Slightly softer, recommended for seniors or people with poor posture and little flexibility. 

Experience the Benefits of the 10 Minute Cushion


  • Helps with digestive health.
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Opening the heart and mind
  • Beathe better
  • Stand taller.


Professional Athletes

  • Overall better performance
  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery
  • A properly aligned biomechanical spinal structure allows all athletes to achieve and maintain optimal communication between the brain and the extremities for sustainable patterns and success!


Stretch for Posture and Sustainable Performance

The purpose of The 10 Minute Cushion is to stretch and correct your posture, preparing your spine and surrounding muscles for functional activity. There is no magic, the process happens naturally by using gravity to stretch your back over our specifically designed foam arch, allowing for proper communication between the brain, spinal cord, and the extremities. This enhanced position allows for greater sustainable neuromuscular activation to gain immediate & effective optimal performance.

The 10 Minute Cushion was developed as a result of extensive research on methods to unload the repetitive strain from the front of the body, thus leading to the release of the compression in the neck, correcting posture and bring the spine back to optimal health and performance!

This device allows the user to safely stretch the soft-tissue of the spine, reset the shoulders, stretch the chest and abdominal muscles and allows gravity to re-align the spine to its most optimal position in 10 minutes a day.

The effectiveness of the 10 Minute Cushion was first tested on golfers at the Titleist Performance Institute in 2011. Repeatedly, tests showed a sustained enhancement of rotation for each of the 60 golfers tested in the study - with all achieving an additional 8 degrees of rotation or more.

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