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Pillow Solve Inc.| Innovative Knee Pillow for Back Pain

An Innovative Knee Pillow for Back Pain

Sleepy Kneez improves knee comfort, and eliminates pressure on the the lower back and hips, by restoring natural alignment.

Guaranteed or Your Money Back. Contact us within 15 days of receiving your Sleepy Kneez® pillow. If you are not sleeping better during those 15 days, using your Sleepy Kneez®, with less back and/or knee pain when sleeping on your side, email us a letter from your Doctor, Chiropractor, Osteopath, or Physiotherapist. We will provide you with a return code, and we will refund your money, once we receive your return.

Call now for your Sleepy Knees Pillow Solve 514-933-2363,

We ship all over Canada and the United States.


According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, sleeping on your side in the fetal position is the healthiest position to sleep in because it complements the natural curve in the spine.


The 30 Day Sleepy Kneez Challenge

Take the Sleepy Kneez 30 Day Challenge: If you sleep on your side with a regular pillow, try Sleepy Kneez risk free. We are SURE you will find it's a big improvement. If you do not find it more comfortable than your pillow, and/or if your back, knees or hips don't feel better, return it.

Eileen Pelletier Story - Sleepy Kneez Pillow

I had to come up with a solution to my sore knees and painful back!

Having always slept on my side, I tried a big pillow between my knees, but it made it hard to turn over at night, waking me up. I tried a small pillow, but lost it during the night when I moved. Then, I started working on designing a pillow that was comfortable and stayed in place all night long. After 2 years of development, enter Sleepy Kneez®, the knee pillow that is both comfortable and stays firmly between your knees all night.

If you sleep on your side, once you try it, you will never be able to sleep without your Sleepy Kneez® pillow. I even package it in a travel bag, so you needn't have a bad night's sleep again, even when you're away. Try it now and Sleep on your side comfortably!


sleepykneez the knee pillow

sleepykneez the knee pillow

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IMG 0499 2

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