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Dr. Jessa Landmann is a Naturopath providing Natural Cancer Treatment, Cancer Rehab, Naturopathic Oncology, treatment of Cancer Pain, IV Therapy and Acupuncture in Calgary, AB. We operate as a natural cancer clinic and pain clinic. In addition, our services include Vitamin C IV and treatment for Cancer Pain. 

Integrative Naturopathic Oncology & Complementary Cancer Care

Integrative Naturopathic Oncology combines the two medical disciplines of modern oncology (which uses surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapies) and naturopathic medicine. We provide a vital component of a comprehensive, patient centred approach to cancer care, that spans prevention through treatment and into survivorship.

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Goals of Integrative Naturopathic Oncology

  • To fight cancer and optimize the tumour killing ability of chemotherapy and radiation;
  • To prevent and manage side effects from modern treatments without using drugs;
  • To speed healing from modern treatments;
  • To maintain the body’s immune function to help it to fight cancer;
  • To teach each individual how to eat a cancer-fighting diet;
  • To reduce the risk of a recurrence

The most exciting aspect of integrative naturopathic oncology is that natural therapies appear to help conventional treatments work better, while at the same time protect the patient’s body from their detrimental side effects. In other words, the combination of conventional treatments with naturopathic medicine seems to work better than using either one on its own.

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Integrative Naturopathic Oncology & Complementary Cancer Care

Just Diagnosed with Cancer

Finding out you have cancer is a life-changing moment. Now is the time to prepare your body for what’s to come, from dietary optimization to immune enhancing natural treatments.

In Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are standard treatments for wiping out cancer, but they can be very hard on the body. With naturopathic oncology, we can bring your side effects to a minimum.

In Remission

You’ve beaten cancer - now what? With the right diet, lifestyle, and naturopathic treatments, we can work together to create an environment for optimal risk reduction.

Our Services


Acupuncture can be ideal for many people living with cancer and recovering from treatments because it does not involve pills! A major complaint when people ask their doctors how to treat these side effects is that they are given another prescription. Less oral medications mean fewer side effects from drugs – doesn’t that sound nice?

When you get an acupuncture treatment, extremely thin needles are inserted into very specific points on your body. The most common areas include the arms and hands, legs and feet, and abdomen or back. These needles are usually only inserted about as deep as your thumb is wide, and is extremely safe.

IV Therapy

With respect to cancer treatments, the most common IV therapies are intravenous vitamin C (IVC) and intravenous mistletoe. The reason most people with cancer seek intravenous therapies are to help them fight cancer by boosting their immune system. Other ways IV therapies can benefit people with cancer are to reduce pain, prevent weight loss, lower inflammation, decrease nausea, improve sleep and enhance mood.

IV & Injection therapy is a powerful, quick way to get you the nutrients you need. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are delivered directly into the bloodstream, and therefore it is a much more effective mode of delivery, compared to taking oral supplements. Oral supplements are broken down by our digestive system, and therefore we are not absorbing 100% of what we are taking.

Pain Management

Cancer-related pain is one of the most common, chronic side effects that people with cancer suffer from. It can be very debilitating and can be very hard to treat. Naturopathic medicine uses a whole-person approach that involves looking at all the possible causes of your pain. Naturopathic doctors look at the underlying cause of your pain and help treat the cause and manage your pain simultaneously. Naturopathic medicine has several modalities that can be used to help treat your pain:

  • Herbal Medicine – herbs like devil’s claw and turmeric are proven to work as well as prescription anti-inflammatories;
  • Supplementation – nutrients like magnesium, B12, and glutamine can help with nerve pain, and both can help reduce inflammation and speed tissue repair;
  • IV Therapy – IV therapies can deliver nutrients that act as anti-inflammatories right to where they’re needed, such as intravenous vitamin C or mistletoe;
  • Acupuncture – acupuncture works with your nervous and immune systems to reduce pain, and is an extremely effective tool for all types of cancer-related pain.;
  • Diet & Nutrition – sometimes inflammatory foods contribute to pain in the whole body

Botanical & Herbal Medicine

Botanical medicine, also known as herbal medicine, uses medicinal plants and extracts to treat conditions and promote the body’s ability to heal. 

Botanical medicines are powerful, natural substances that can be used as part of a treatment plan for many conditions. With their experience and extensive clinical training, naturopathic doctors are experts in knowing how to use herbal medicines safely while maximizing their effectiveness. Choosing the right plants for an individual case is an art, and we love being able to directly use the healing power of nature by using plants as part of your treatment plan.

Because herbs have mechanisms of actions that are very similar to prescription drugs, they can also be very helpful in reducing doses of medications and reducing side effects when coming off of medications. If you’re planning on reducing or quitting a drug, ask us how herbal medicine can help.



About Us

We are focused on Complementary Cancer Care, Cancer IV Therapy, Natural Cancer Treatments & Integrative Naturopathic Oncology, and Naturopathic Oncology Programs.

Our Naturopathic medicine practice involves the use of “natural” therapies to treat disease and stems from the philosophy that by removing factors that interfere with health and restoring optimal functioning of our organ systems, our body can fight disease. Natural therapies include plant-based medicine, vitamin supplementation, hydrotherapy (using hot and cold temperatures to affect physiology), acupuncture, diet and nutrition, exercise, and detoxification.

As experts in the field of integrative naturopathic oncology, we focus on providing the best natural therapies that can fight cancer, that can minimize side effects, and help you to strengthen your body. 

Dr. Jessa Landmann, ND

Dr. Jessa Landmann is passionate about helping people living with cancer. From reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation to guidance on eating a healthy, preventative diet, she can help at all stages of cancer. She is passionate about helping people living with cancer. From reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation to guidance on eating a healthy, preventative diet, she can help at all stages of cancer.

100% of Dr. Landmann's patients state that a major problem with the health care system is the gap in care once conventional therapy has come to a close. There is very little guidance on how someone can proactively fight the disease and prevent recurrence and even less support with helping them to recover from the intense side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Her practice focus is what is called integrative oncology, which is a field of medicine that focuses on the modern practice of medicine while acknowledging the wisdom of traditional healing.

She received the Bachelor of Science from the Univesity of Calgary and the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

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