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Dr. Kimberly Oxbro, BSc, MSc, ND.

Naturopath in Kingston

At Nova Health Naturopathic Centre located in downtown Kingston, Ontario, we believe in true health and well-being. We aim to continuously expand the possibilities contained within yourself – and to assist you in taking full control of your health.

A Nova is Latin for a new star that increases rapidly in brightness by radiating itself into an outer cloud and becomes more luminous in the process. It is about change, discovery, advancement, movement, and transformation. It is about continuously expanding possibilities. 

Just as a Nova is a natural phenomenon, scientifically studied and proven, you will find the Naturopathic Medicine practiced at Nova Health to be the same. Using centuries of traditional medicine knowledge backed by modern scientific research, we use the best of both art and science to achieve optimal health.

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About Us

Mission Statement

At Nova Health Naturopathic clinic our Mission is to work with patients as well as other health care providers in confidence to do the following:

  • Promote health through diagnosis of disease and use of Naturopathic treatment modalities
  • Educate patients and increase awareness in the community about health promotion and disease prevention
  • Support integration of medical services between various health care providers
  • Offer valuable health care services that are presently not available in the Kingston Area

How We Serve You

The Nova Health Naturopathic Centre offers a slew of services and practices you can rely on to better your long term health. Overseeing our clients health is paramount to our success and achieving our mission so we utilize a wide range of eduction and experience for this. We ensure that all medical areas are covered and that treatment is available in several forms depending on several factors. Consultation with your M.D. is possible with any treatment program setup at Nova Health Naturopathic Centre.



Naturopath in Kingston: Kimberly Oxbro, Nova Health Naturopathic Centre

Naturopath in Kingston:...

Dr. Kimberly Oxbro

Dr. Kimberly Oxbro

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