Dr. Gala Abramova, ND

Doctor Naturopath since 2003

Weight loss, Candida, parasites, Stress & Anxiety, Digestive problems: constipation, IBS, Skin problems: acne, eczema & Healthy Nutrition

Provides consultation. Bio-Energetic test for food intolerance (sensitivities), Candida, parasites, allergens and more.



Bio-energetic test for food intolerance (sensitivities): 340 items at $80 for 1hour.

My 20 years European clinical medical practice is combined with many years of the experience as a professional Natural Health Consultant that enables me to assist you in achieving a holistic lifestyle. My mission is to make you feel better by showing you the way your body works and how to help your body heal itself! Whether or not you are in a regime requiring traditional medicine, I am able to support your quest for health. 

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