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Dr. Mirjana Baspaly is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with practice in Port Moody, BC with a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing with a focus of treating the cause in order for the patient to realize their optimum health potential. She completed her Naturopathic education at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and is a member of the BC Naturopathic Association and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. Baspaly has a special interest in family health including prenatal and paediatrics care including autism and ADHD/ADD. Other areas of interest are women’s health including PMS, uterine disorders, menstrual difficulties and menopause. Her practice also has a strong focus on stress management, improving energy and overall wellbeing.

Dr. Baspaly uses various alternative medicine therapies to treat common health concerns including pediatric health, women’s health, digestive health, immune system, hormonal and metabolic conditions, cardiovascular, skin conditions, musculoskeletal, stress, anxiety and other.

Treatments include:

acupuncture and Chinese medicinebowen therapylifestyle counsellingnutritionintravenous therapeuticsherbal medicinehomeopathyhomotoxicologyyoga/meditationhealthy and active weight loss program


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