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Sault Ste. Marie natuorpathic doctor

Dr. Candice Esposito, your Sault Ste. Marie Naturopath. She provides naturopathic treatments including clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, traditional chinese medicine and homepathy.

Feel empowered to make positive lifestyle changes that you can commit to for the long-term. Overcome limiting beliefs that are suppressing your health and quality of life. Discover just how well you can feel when you are in balance.

Naturopathic clinics embody a paradigm shift in the practice of medicine. Healthcare that treats you, a whole person, and not simply the disease you possess. Healthcare that focuses on discovering the root causes of disease and not simply the suppression of symptoms.



Clinical Nutrition

  • The therapeutic use of foods is one of the healing foundations of nature cure. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained to understand the role your diet plays on your health. Food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, dietary imbalances and nutritional excesses are associated with many medical conditions. Your naturopathic doctor can work with you to discover which dietary imbalances may be affecting your health.


Botanical Medicine

  • Botanical or herbal medicine is the therapeutic use of plants and plant substances. Using plants for their healing properties dates back to the beginnings of civilization. Herbs can be therapeutically used in many forms, including teas, tinctures and capsules. Naturopathic doctors are currently the only health care providers in Canada licensed for the use of botanical medicine.



  • A system of medicine that is over 200 years old, homeopathy is based on the principle of "like cures like." Over 2000 homeopathic remedies exist and they are made from very dilute amounts of plant, mineral and animal substances. When carefully matched to a patient homeopathic remedies are able to stimulate the body"s innate healing forces on both the physical and emotional levels.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Asian medicine is based on the principle of balancing the body"s vital energy or chi. The chi of the body is connected in meridians or channels running just under the skin. Energy is balanced through the use of herbs and acupuncture. Acupuncture is the use of very thin needles which are inserted at points along the meridians of the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice over 2000 years old.


Physical Medicine

  • Naturopathic doctors are trained to use a variety of hands-on techniques, including soft tissue work or therapeutic massage, naturopathic manipulation of muscle, bone or spine, gentle electrical impulses, ultrasound, diathermy or heat therapy, exercise therapy and hydrotherapy or water therapy.


Lifestyle Counseling

  • Mental, emotional, environmental and lifestyle factors can affect health. Naturopathic doctors are trained to counsel on diet, lifestyle, specific stressors, exercise and occupational or environmental hazards as an integral part of the naturopathic treatment program.


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