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Naturopathic medicine is a patient-centred system of primary care that offers the unique opportunity to complement and amplify the quality of your health care. It is a system of medicine that blends science with traditional and natural therapies that is predicated on the tenet that the body has the innate intelligence to self-regulate. Dr. Smith bridges the gap between current medical diagnostics, research and prescriptions, and natural medicine, providing optimal integrative medical care to her patients - the best of both worlds.

WHAT CONDITIONS DOES DR. SMITH TREAT? Chronic conditions make up much of her family practice, but she also sees various common acute illnesses and has many patients on individualized prevention programs.  Dr. Smith is committed to excellence in family medicine providing safe, current and effective treatment plans and works collaboratively with other medical practitioners as required to provide optimal health care solutions.

Dr. Smith is currently welcoming new patients into her practice.

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Dr. Smith received an honours degree in communications at Queen’s University and later, took pre-medical science courses then completed the 4-year full-time program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Subsequently, she has completed advanced clinical studies in environmental medicine, intravenous therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy and auricular medicine.

Prior to becoming an ND, Dr. Smith worked for many years as a producer in television, radio and documentary film in current affairs and related programming. She worked and volunteered all over the world from Bangladesh to the Amazon, and learned about the formidable power of various ancient healing arts which inspired her to investigate naturopathic medicine and completely change her life.

Today, Dr. Smith dedicates her family practice to closing the gap between the most current medical diagnostics and research and natural medicine,  merging the best of both paradigms and delivering optimal integrative medical care - which she believes to be the future of health care in Canada. Dr. Smith is committed to a high standard of care with an evidence-based approach and works collaboratively with MDs, specialists, and various medical practitioners.

While she treats acute illnesses such as colds and earaches, much of her time is spent working with those with chronic diseases to mitigate or erradicate side-effects from medications, decrease symptoms, improve immune function and quality of life. She prioritizes prevention by decreasing risk factors so that the body can self-regulate and stay balanced and healthy. Dr. Smith deeply respects the intricate intelligence between the body and the mind and between our internal and external environments, and how this is implicated in the art and science of healing.

Dr. Smith is a licensed, board-certified naturopathic doctor in the province of Ontario, a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, and is currently also working with the faculty of clinical nutrition at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

In her free time, Dr. Smith is traveling, paddling a canoe on Georgian Bay, skiing, running, or enjoying a good book. She is happy to be working in the part of the city where she grew up and looks forward to expanding her practice and serving the community.


Family Medicine:


Dr. Smith treats women at all stages of life as she offers a full family practice. Some of the conditions she sees commonly are:

  • PMS & menstrual disorders
  • infertility
  • prenatal and postnatal care
  • pre- and post-menopausal conditions
  • osteoarthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • autoimmune diseases



Dr. Smith treats men of all ages and stages, but some of the most common conditions she sees are:

  • prostate gland health
  • erectile dysfunction
  • low sex drive
  • andropause (middle life hormone changes)
  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • arthritis


Acute Illness:

Naturopathic medicine is very effective at treating acute illnesses such as:

  • colds & flus
  • ear, nose & throat infections
  • respiratory infections
  • urinary tract infections
  • diarrhea/constipation
  • cold sores
  • shingles
  • herpes
  • sprains & strains


Chronic Conditions:

For those with chronic conditions there is a limit to what standard medical care can do. While we are grateful for them, we take medications and we cope. Naturopathic medicine can assist with decreasing symptoms, decreasing side-effects from medications, and sometimes can reverse chronic conditions. Having the time to spend with patients working on lifestyle changes in tandem with our various therapies, makes NDs a very valuable asset in treating those with chronic diseases - the fast growing need in health care in Canada today. Some of the common chronic conditions Dr. Smith treats are:

  • hypertension, high cholesterol & heart disease
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • autoimmune diseases
  • headaches, neck pain, chronic back pain & arthritis
  • lower digestive system disorders (e.g. Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, fissures and hemorrhoids)
  • upper digestive system disorders (e.g. gastroesophageal reflux disorder, ulcers, hiatus hernia)
  • eczema, psoriasis & acne
  • insomnia
  • anxiety, depression & other mood disorders
  • anemias of various kinds
  • thyroid gland disorders
  • varicose veins
  • cancer


Prevention Programs

Dr. Smith customizes programs to your individual needs. Here is a short list of some of the common prevention-driven programs she works with:

  • detoxification & purification of the whole body
  • returning to and maintaining a healthy weight
  • keeping your breasts healthy
  • keeping your prostate gland healthy
  • balancing your hormones naturally
  • reducing the impact of daily stress
  • balancing the immune system
  • optimizing bone & joint health
  • preparing for pregnancy, healthy pregnancy & lactation
  • effectively and permanently quitting smoking


Sports Medicine

Dr. Smith sees a variety of conditions specific to athletes’ health - both in collaboration with the other therapists and doctors at Health Associates and independently. Most often she uses a combination of nutrition, acupuncture, biopuncture and intravenous therapy to aid in performance, recovery, prep, or acute or chronic injury healing. Some of the most common conditions that she sees are:

  • strains, sprains, fractures - sports-related injuries
  • post-operative recovery
  • optimal nutritional counselling for performance
  • prep or replacement with nutrients delivered intravenously


Environmental Medicine

  • What is Environmental Medicine? Environmental medicine is an evolving field of medicine in which MDs and NDs diagnose and treat illness that is a result of a toxic exposure. From the moment of conception onward, our bodies host myriad industrial chemicals that enter our bloodstream through our skin, gastrointestinal system or lungs. They are ingredients in consumer products (e.g. cosmetics, deoderant), or pollutants in air, water and food. They are the fire retardants, grease-proof coatings, plasticizers, and solvents that are found throughout our homes and work environments. They are our personal body burden of pollution.
  • Research? In 2000, a group of scientists in Washington DC at the Environmental Working Group, spearheaded a series of groundbreaking investigations on the pollution in people, from newborns and grandparents to mothers and teens. They've found pollutants in everyone. And they've found hundreds altogether, in combinations that have never been tested for safety. The toxins many people have in their bodies revealed by these studies exposes alarming gaps in the scientific understanding of our exposures and in our system of public health protection. In one study conducted they discovered that 457 of 538 chemicals tested were found in the blood, urine, umbilical cord blood of infants, and breast milk from a sample of 94 people.
  • Are these chemicals and toxic metals related to disease? The Collaborative on Health and the Environment is a diverse network of over 2600 healthcare providers and academic researchers in over 40 countries, working collectively to advance knowledge and effective action to address growing concerns about the links between human health and environmental factors. They have developed a database that helps us understand the links between our exposures and the ensuing health problems.
  • How are environmental exposures diagnosed? If there are aspects of your case that may indicate some kind of toxic exposure, Dr. Smith takes a thorough environmental exposure history regarding residential, occupational, medical and dental exposures. She then uses urine and blood tests to identify the presence of heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that are stored in the body to show evidence of toxic exposures.
  • What kind of training does Dr. Smith have? Dr. Smith completed a postgraduate training program for NDs and MDs taught by the following international experts: William J Rea MD, David Quig PhD, Aristo Vojdani PhD, Lyn Patrick ND, Soram Khalsa MD, & Mary Cordaro.


Lab Testing

  • Dr. Smith works with various professional laboratories including but not limited to Doctor’s Data, Gamma Dyna-Care, MDS and Rocky Mountain Analytical to ensure that her patients receive high quality, professional diagnostic tests. Some common medical tests that she uses regularly are standard blood tests to assess cholesterol, diabetes, hormones, liver function, iron and vitamin B12 levels. In addition she uses urine tests to assess kidney health or for urinary tract infections.
  • Naturopathic medical diagnostic tests for adrenal gland function, environmental toxicity, digestive function, trace mineral levels, body composition, and food sensitivities are also employed when necessary. If you have any questions regarding other tests Dr. Smith uses, please give us a call.
  • Lab tests are an essential part of primary care as they provide objective information on your baseline health status and progress during treatment. They can identify future treatment options to achieve your optimal health.
  • Dr. Smith works collaboratively with conventional medical doctors and makes referrals when indicated.


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