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Vancouver Doctor of Natural Medicine

With degrees, designations and experience in almost all modalities of health (PhDs in Councelling and nutrition, MA in Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic practitioner, ASYRA & REBA Homeopathy, Eastern/Western Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and much more) she can help bring all levels of life into balance and harmony. Allowing you to live life to the fullest.


Dr. Holly has a Ph.D. in Counselling and has studied a number of theoretical models:

  • cognitive behavioural; humanistic, interpersonal; psychodynamic
  • uses a variety of different modalities:
  • hypnotherapy
  • visualization & various styles of
  • meditation
  • OEI, EMDR 

As such Dr. Holly has a wealth of training and 20 yrs experience to help you work through your issues. She can help you understand your underlying life themes, coping mechanisms, value systems, defense mechanisms, etc so that you can choose how you want to interprete the world and respond to that interpretation in a manner that allows you live life to its fullest. Dr Holly is also a DNM®, (Doctor of Natural Medicine)

  • EBNMP™ (Examining and Licencing Board for Natural Medicine Practitioners)
  • DNM®, included schooling through:
  • Boucher Institute for Naturopathic Medicine (BC)
  • Ayurvedic Institute (New Mexico)
  • Kerala Ayurveda (Seattle and India) (both medical & counselling internships);
  • University of Connecticut : Ayurveda
  • REBA (Germany)
  • Botanical Medicine (Dominion Herbal College, BC)
  • Reflexology (Touchpoint Institute – Vancouver, BC)
  • Different styles of meditation (Vancouver, US, India)
  • Yoga for healing (India) 

Dr Holly has over 2000 hours of allopathic study; over 2000 hours of alternative medicine; and over 1800 hours of supervised clinical work. Dr Holly is a Registered Herbal Therapist through the Canadian Herbal Association of BC. She finished writing another Master’s Thesis: Bridging Ayurvedic, TCM and Western Botanical Medicine. As such she can help you work effectively with issues that effect your physical health and well being in simple and safe ways. Dr Holly is also a metaphysicist with energetic healing training in a number of different modalities:

  • Reiki
  • Biofield therapy
  • Theta Healing
  • Therapeutic Touch 

As such she can help you resolve issues on the more subtle energetic levels of life. In all Dr Holly deals with the mind, body and energy of the system, helping you to optimize your experience of life.



Dr. Holly provides a variety of health and wellness services!

Health Assessment
Dr. Holly provides a mobile 2 hour health assessment

Asyra Assessment
Dr. Holly provides Asyra Assessments.

Dr. Holly provides a number of seminars, presentations, lessons, etc for corporations, insurance companies, schools, institutions and smaller groups.

Dr. Holly has a Ph.D. in counselling and has over 20 training and experience in the following areas: Cognitive/Behavioral; Short term; Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Hypnotherapy, Marriage and family, counseling, Victims & Survivors, Depression & Mood Disorders, Anxiety disorders including Panic Attacks, Anger issues

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Holly is available as a keynote speaker on a number of health topics

Leading Edge Treatments
Specializing in lutathione accelerators, Turning genes on for healing, Hi end organic detox programs, Transferases, Most pharacologically complex foods of the Amazon

Over 1000 internship in herbal medicine; Both a Registered Herbalist and a Master Herbalist, Western & Eastern

Bach Flower
Specialized questionnaires for bach flower remedies

Trained in both Western & Eastern methods of reflexology

Trained in the US and India to provide: Dosha Assessments, Panchakarma Treatments, Abyanghas, Herbal treatments, Yoga for healing, Pranayamas, (different styles of breathing exercises for different ailments)

Hormone Assessments
Easy, simple, inexpensive

Urine Analysis
Easy, simple, inexpensive

7 basic Pranayams utilized for different counselling and psychological issues

Meta Physics
Trained in a variety of different methods of energy healing

Trained in multilevels of REBA assessment


Margaret Reynolds

Dr. Holly is very good at explaining the how’s and why’s you can attain better health. She has a great way to make it very easy to understand even complex health topics. I believe that if you have any health concerns or just want to better understand how to become less toxic in a society full of chemicals and pharmaceuticals you will feel better after a session with Dr. Holly.
Galia Shukr

In just few months of working with Dr Holly, I was impressed with the positive impact her healing Techniques have on her patients globally. Her holistic system approach around the mind, body and energy enables her clients to optimize their wellness in life. Dr Holly is a masterful educator on wellness. Her mind is always working overtime to add value to her clients and she has an energy and passion for her work that are contagious! Dr Holly has unique accreditations in 3 continents.

With over 20 years experience in wellness and thirst for continuous learning, Dr Holly ensures that you understand the options available to you and empowers you to take action to resolve them immediately. If you’re tired of the traditional medical system and are seeking alternatives, book a consultation with Dr Holly today. It will be the best hour you decide to invest in your health!
Christine Till

Dr. Holly Fourchalk has the knowledge and expertise that is second to none. Her enthusiasm for helping others to find their own optimal health is apparent. You know that you are in the presence of greatness when you are with Dr. Holly because her knowledge shows through as she helps answer your questions on your personal health and wellness.” 
Val MacDonald

Dr. Holly is a knowledgeable and versatile doctor of natural health. She is able to make recommendations for you that really work. Because of her vast knowledge of various remedies and therapies, she knows what to use in each situation, whatever the health challenge may be. If you are looking for a natural way to remedy a health problem, Dr. Holly is perfect for the job!


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Dr Holly Protandim

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