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Foot pain or discomfort can take the joy out of your life and make simple actions like walking or standing miserably. We understand and wholeheartedly trust that we can be helpful to you in the same ways we have helped thousands over the years with handcrafted custom orthotics and stylish orthopedic footwear.

We believe that our "sole purpose" as the dedicated Happy Feet Team is to relieve your foot, leg or back pain so you can get back to doing what you love. We look forward to the possibility of helping you as we earn your trust with our expertise, reliability and remarkable service. Owner Andrea Richard, a Certified Canadian Pedorthist, offers services covered by all major insurance plans.

Canadian Certified Pedorthist Relieving Your Foot and Related Leg / Back Pain Since 1988

Your Happy Feet Team at Bedford Orthotics is dedicated to relieving your foot, leg and back pain so you can do what you love. We use accurate plaster casts & onsite manufacturing lab to ensure quality service every step of the way. Owner Andrea Richard, a Certified Canadian Pedorthist, offers services covered by all major insurance plans.


The Bedford Orthotics Advantage

Consumers with sad fee and related leg or back pain can have a confusing range of options and promises in the marketplace to consider when choosing the best trusted solution for their pain relief. Here are the four of the top reasons why our loyal patients have gladly referred friends, family and coworkers since 1988.

1. Reliable 3-D Weight-bearing Best Fit Technology Casting Method;

We take the time to do it right and have built our reputation for long-term, pain-free results by starting with a reliable weight-bearing three dimensional plaster cast. For the same reason you walk around in new shoes you might buy, we believe it’s more accurate to cast you standing as your foot naturally touches the ground. After we create a true model of your unique feet we can best handcraft your optimal performance custom orthotics. Better fit, less adjustments, faster sustained relief.

2. Onsite Lab Service for Personal Touch Quality Assurance with Every Step:

In our experience as your happy feet team, we can better guarantee high quality of your handcrafted orthotics when we make them ourselves in our own state of the art onsite lab. We can also save you time by making during you visit. An onsite lab also saves you time as we can pop into the back room to make modifications while you wait.

3. Friendly, Trusted and Certified Expertise

Andrea Richard, happy feet team leader and owner of Bedford Orthotics, has been practising pedorthics since 1988. She earned her designation as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist(1993) and is a member of the College of Pedorthics Canada. Much like your Doctors' College, the Pedorthic College ensures members follow a code of ethics and pursue ongoing professional development. Andrea is also a former Board Member with the Pedorthic Association of Canada and is highly regarded as one of the first female pedorthists in Canada.

4. Insurance Approved & Quality Protected

Major private health insurance companies quality protect their subscribers by recognizing, and reimbursing for, only orthotics crafted by the expertise of Canadian Certified Pedorthists and three other foot-specific health professionals* as qualified orthotics providers for health plan coverage.

Please Note: Individual health plans can vary widely. Please check with your insurance provider as to the depth and extent of your coverage. A Physician’s referral is required to submit health insurance claims.

* The other recognized foot experts are Chiropodists, Podiatrists, and Orthotists.

Why a Canadian Certified Pedorthist?​

Why Choose a Canadian Certified Pedorthist?

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are one of the few healthcare professionals educated in the assessment, design, fit, manufacture and modification of footwear and foot orthoses. A Canadian Certified Pedorthist has extensive training and experience in dealing with the biomechanics of the foot and in selecting appropriate footwear. All clients are assessed by a Certified Pedorthist (Canada) in a one hour appointment where their history is taken, a 3-dimensional cast is made of their foot. This includes a gait assessment, physical assessment of the lower limbs and examination of their footwear. Counsel is given regarding the appropriate fit and style of footwear for the client's particular needs. Follow up visits are recommended to recheck the progress of the client.high emphasis on certification and continuing education. We have a well rounded pedorthic staff with expertise in numerous varying medical conditions including; arthritics, diabetics, geriatrics, pediatrics and sport medicine

In order to become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, they have undergone a rigorous examination process testing their knowledge and biomechanics, disease, anatomy, orthoses fabrication and fitting as well as footwear function, design and modification. Canadian Certified Pedorthists work as part of a medical team and require a referral from a prescribing healthcare provider in order to provide treatment.

Every foot is different with a range of variables including overall length, heel-to-balllength, bony deformities of the greater and lesser toes, instep height, amputations, ulceration, and biomechanical anomalies such as over- pronation or over-supination, in-toeing or out-toeing.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are trained to deal with these and many more complicated situations of the human foot. In many cases, with the recommendation of a prescribing physician, internal or external shoe modifications may be required to treat lower limb discomfort, and can come in the form of sole lifts, rocker soles, balloon patches, and changes to the profile of a shoe's upper. A custom-made foot orthosis may also be required to deal with specific biomechanical (movement) problems, pressure distribution, or impact. Working alongside your prescribing physician, your Canadian Certified Pedorthist is qualified to assess and treat these and many other conditions of the lower limbs.

Footwear can change a person's balance, improve his body's alignment, alter the way she stands or walks and protect against injury. Canadian Certified Pedorthists can help a person maintain an active lifestyle by alleviating pain caused by disease or injury.

As one of the few healthcare professionals educated in the assessment, creation, modification and fit of footwear and foot orthoses (orthotics), certified members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) are regularly called upon to fill prescriptions and make recommendations regarding appropriate footcare management.

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist assists in alleviating painful or debilitating conditions resulting from abnormalities or limited actions of the lower limb.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists may assess for and create various types of custom orthoses to improve and assist in:

  • Accommodations of foot deformities.
  • Realignment of anatomical structures.
  • Redistribution of external and internal forces.
  • Balance.
  • Control of biomechanical function.
  • Accommodation of circulatory concerns.
  • Improvement of the movement of limbs compromised as a result of an accident, congenital deformity, neural condition or disease.

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