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Footwork Orthotics London Inc

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FOOTWORK is a company that is qualified to assess and distribute custom orthotics, compression stockings, orthopaedic footwear and braces; founded by Jeff Lewis (C.Ped.C). FootWork employees are qualified medical professionals, offering these services in addition to your present treatment plan to assist in the recovery or alleviation of discomfort or pain. FootWork is a company that works within The Core Family Health Center along side other qualified medical professionals.

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About us:

Pedorthics is a field concerned with the application and manufacture of orthoses, devices which support or correct the function of the foot and above structures of the kinetic chain. The term is derived from the Greek “ortho”, to straighten. Sciences such as gait analysis, anatomy, pathology and physiology contribute to the work done by Pedorthist, the experts in the field of orthotics.

Orthotics allow the muscles, tendons, and bones of the feet and lower legs to function at their highest potential. When appropriately casted and fabricated orthotics can help reduce pain in the foot, knee, hip or back; further, decreasing the energy used by the body to mask the individuals discomfort or pain. They have proved to increase stability of an unstable joint, prevent further problems by reducing referred pain and improving a person’s quality of life.

Jeff is dedicated to helping every customer with the hopes that he may positively change the rest of their lives. 


About Jeff

Jeff received his undergraduate education in Kinesiology and post graduate education in Pedorthics at The University of Western Ontario. Becoming a Certified Pedorthists of Canada was an easy decision for Jeff due to the major reconstructive knee and ankle surgery he required for injuries received while playing junior hockey. These injuries gave him a great deal of discomfort and pain both during sport and daily activities.Jeff found relief through the use of Orthotic devices, including a custom made knee brace. Realizing the relief and support these products provided and the desire to help others Jeff looked into furthering his education, then a recent grad of kinesiology, to become a medical professional. Click here and read more

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