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C.B.C Foot Products Ltd. provides custom made orthotics to Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area's. New clients are always welcome!

The Shoemate Orthotic is a product of years of biomechanical research resulting in an orthopedic appliance custom made to correct the abnormality of the foot, by balancing the three msot important components in your foot, bones, muscles and tendons.


  • SHOEMATE Standard
  • SHOEMATE 3/4 Length
  • SHOEMATE Sport
  • SHOEMATE Diabetic Orthotics


Facts about Shoemate Orthotics:

  • After 18 years of research and development Shoemate Orthotics added New High Tech Features.
  • Computer designed omnidirectional structure for athlete and sport wear.
  • Made of F.D.A approved material EVA.
  • Light weight, vented, washable solid support. Fits most footwear.
  • Inner and outer arch support with a contoured heel cup and metatarsal arch.
  • Shoemates or molded impression of a healthy foot and the customized to correct your specific problem.


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