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We treat pain and increase range of motion.  Ranging from workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain to sports injuries like tennis elbow and beyond. 

Manual Osteopathy is hands-on, usually spending up to one hour addressing pain and restrictions using gentle mobilizations.  A manual Osteopath has a holistic approach, sharing some treatment features with other healthcare practitioners .  The gentle mobilizations remind us of the work of a chiropractor, but then without the use of high velocity techniques, spending lots of time and gentle touch instead.  Relaxing massaging techniques are used to bring the body in a relaxed state before doing deep stretching.  The targeted physical exercises and strengthening techniques remind us of the work of a Physiotherapist and help with long term recovery.

Often with pain there is inflammation. The Manual Osteopath has a thorough knowledge of nutrition in order to treat inflammation using nutrition.

All of this is in toolbox of a Manual Osteopath. Call now for your appointment 613-853-6753


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