Spectrum Therapy and Fitness

Spectrum Therapy and Fitness

Personal Trainer & Strength Coach in Ancaster, ON

Spectrum Therapy and Fitness is led by Coach Jean Lafleur, a personal trainer and strength coach providing exercise plans for weight loss, personal training, and Performance Training and Coaching in the Ancaster, ON and the surrounding Hamilton, Waterdown and Dundas areas. We also offer Athletic Sports Therapy, Personal training programs and Exercise & Sports Nutrition Coaching.

Meet Jean LaFleur - Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Coach Jean will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle or weight loss through healthy eating & active physical lifestyle. He is passionate about health and transitioning his therapy patients to become training clients.

Body Therapy, Online Nutrition Coaching & Performance Training

Spectrum Therapy and Fitness offers experienced and passionate coaching by Jean LaFleur, life-changing programs, client-centred training to achieve motivation, individual or semi-private training settings, customized exercise programs in a warm and friendly environment. Spectrum Therapy and Fitness aims to successfully rehabilitate your injury to a stronger status than pre-injury. Patients seeing Coach Jean has been suffering from a lower back injury and these patients aim to gain back their body strength through Spectrum Therapy and Fitness exercise programs. Spectrum Therapy and Fitness aims to provide programs for people suffering from chronic pain or lack of mobility.



Spectrum Therapy and Fitness Programs

Introductory programs

5 Day Free Nutrition Reset

A free, introductory course, that allows you to combine a meal-plan with an effective exercise program so you can get a head-start with your health and fitness project.

21-Day “Level UP” Fat Loss Challenge

Another short-term introductory program, that allows the participant a chance to practice good nutritional habits along with a loaded exercise regime. This program hits the “sweet-spot” for a lot of people who need to get reinvigorated and motivated back into the world of the “fit and healthy”!

What do I get with the program?

  • Full detailed flexible meal plan packed with awesome recipes you’ll want to make over and over again
  • 14 workouts you can do entirely at home with no equipment
  • 7 kettlebell-loaded workouts for maximum strength gains and fat loss (you can skip these if you don’t have the equipment)
  • Me in your inbox every single day addressing the mental challenges that have kept you from being successful or sustaining success in the past
  • A new outlook on what’s possible in your life that extends far beyond food and weight loss (I’m incorporating a lot of components of life coaching into this program)
  • Average weight loss will be 8-10 pounds in 21 days if you follow the program
  • New levels of confidence that’ll have you feeling you can dominate any area of your life you choose!
  • I understand and have designed the program with the  “beginner’s mindset” and abilities in mind.

Evergreen Programs

Personal Fitness Programs

If you seek better health, fitness, endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, or sports performance, you may want to consider engaging the services of a Coach!

What are the benefits of working with a Personal Fitness Coach in pursuing your own body transformation, or just getting back into shape?

  1. You will work with someone who has the knowledge to put a complete program together that integrates all the important elements of success, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle factors, and motivation!
  2. Learning from a Trusted Mentor.
  3. Your exercise program and activity level will meet you where you’re at.
  4. Your coach will hold you accountable to your goals.
  5. You will achieve your results that much faster.
  6. You will have re-evaluations every 4 weeks to measure whether your current program is producing results or not.
  7. You will achieve your goals with integrity.
  8. You will fit into the clothes and body you’ve always wanted.
  9. You will be confident, self-assured, and happier.
  10. You will have boundless energy.
  11. You will look and feel amazing!

Semi-Private Personal Training

Enjoy the experience, motivation, camaraderie, and accountability of getting your friends together and striving towards a common goal?

Benefit from the more cost-effective rates our small-group personal training have compared to our comprehensive Personal training rates.

(SP-PT ) Sessions are full 60 minutes from warm-ups to self-mobility exercises.

The rates for the SP-PT are more cost-effective than our private rates. Assemble your own group of 3 to 4 people wanting to join our program. SP-PT participants will benefit from discounted prices compared to our private client fees.

For those watching their pennies, our SP-PT program provides you with a support group that will undergo the same health and fitness journey that you are on. We all need support and accountability on our fitness journey to get through the struggles and challenges that life throws our way.



Athletics Coach Ancaster

Athletics Coach Ancaster is a specialized advocate for the athlete. We are very passionate about the well-being, performance and development of the athlete. Our mission is to promote and facilitate the highest standards of sports performance through our services while educating athletes, coaches, parents along with the sports organizations and clubs about the principles and implementation of the Long Term Athletic Development model. This model is promoted by most amateur sports associations in Canada (Basketball Canada, Baseball Canada). As a comprehensive Coach, Jean has completed the I.Y.C.A (International Youth Conditioning Association) certification and courses, and has been dispensing and implementing these stage-related programs for the last 3 years now along with working with older athletes as a strength and conditioning coach.



Online Nutrition Coaching

Our Online Coaching service option is flexible and allows you to learn and process basic nutrition skills by using our “28-day to 6-week challenges” to address a different aspect of your nutrition practice. Whether you are an athlete or active person, our online nutrition coaching programs meet you where you’re at, and allow you to practice the very skills and tasks that those lean people you see around are using.

  • Spectrum’s online coaching program is designed to empower and educate you at your own pace and convenience.
  • A very user-friendly online format that allows you to interact with your Coach anytime you want.
  • After an initial assessment with your coach, you will be assigned an appropriate program that suits your needs and wants.
  • Our 12 habits module deploys strategic daily practices and lessons that are sequentially ordered in a logical progression, to prepare you to practice good nutrition habits on your own terms.
  • Before you know it, you won’t even have to think about practicing good nutrition habits, you’ll just do them naturally!
  • Enjoy setting the pace of your own body transformation based on your schedule, needs, wants, and other priorities in your life along with the collaboration of your Coach who will help you navigate through your body transformation’s obstacles and nutritional habits.
  • Learn about why nutrition is important for you to enhance your health, body composition and performance and understand how to use better daily habits into your busy schedule.
  • Enjoy mastering the fundamental skills of nutrition in your life while keeping the complicated cooking for the chefs at the restaurants.
  • Eat the foods you’re already eating!
  • Receive full online support from your Coach via Zoom calls, text messaging, email, Face time, etc.
  • Your Coach has been a student of PN for 14 years and is certified through Precision Nutrition as a Level 1 Coach and has over 15 years of nutrition coaching.



Posturology Services

If you have the classic signs of poor posture such as consistent slouching, a forward head, suffering from chronic aches and pains, you find it difficult to get into certain shapes and movements, and you have no idea how to organize your body for better movement ease of being. You’ve also discovered that your career and lifestyle, is comprised of you sitting more often than you should (6-8 hours per day)

Benefits of posturology:

  • Better overall performance in sports.
  • Better “eye tracking” which contributes to following an object, reading the game, analyzing the movements of an opponent, and in fact almost all grasping, catching, and moving skills. (PosturePro- 2019)
  • Better improvements in strength training
  • By improving your vestibular system, you should gain faster mobility of your trunk and core muscles.
  • Far fewer aches and pains to worry about.
  • Less joint wear and tear with optimal alignment

Athletic Therapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Do you suffer from an acute injury or chronic condition that is keeping you from participating in your favourite sport or activity? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your movement patterns have become less fluid or less powerful? As a performance-based therapist and coach, it’s important to advocate the quality of movements that athletes and active people use!   As we develop chronic joint or soft tissue dysfunctions, we know that a few mechanisms are telling this narrative. One, an old injury may not have been completely managed or resolved to a point where you are able to participate at the former performance level.

Two, your accumulated time sitting every day, has rendered your joints, muscles and connective tissue adapted to the shapes your predominantly sit in, 6-8 hours per day. And three, you have yet to practice a system that allows your body to organize itself statically or within the movement that optimizes the position and alignment to facilitate a neutral spine while creating torque and stability.  

Whether you’re a golfer, tennis player, cyclist, runner, triathlete, skier, soccer player, or an athlete of any sort, you’re able to produce well-organized movement patterns, has a profound effect on whether you get injured or not. Tendonitis, shoulder impingements, knee problems and low back issues are quite common for active people who are challenged to move well.

It’s all in the approach to restoring, optimizing and enhancing one’s movement patterns, along with restoring the basic rolling and gliding of joint surfaces, restoring the mobility of sliding surfaces on the skin, and re-establishing proper motor control patterns.


Health Insurance Coverage

If you have a group health benefits package through your employer or are paying into a private extended plan, it would be worth your while to check and see if you are covered and what the terms and conditions are pertaining to the use of athletic therapy services.

We hold registration with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, as well as memberships and certifications with both the Ontario Athletic Therapist Association (OATA) and the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA). We bill you directly and include our unique certification number when issuing you an invoice for purposes of claiming it under a participating plan if you have one.

Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coaching

Whether you are a fitness buff or a competitive athlete, nutrition plays a vital role in optimizing your recovery from exercise and sports performance. It also contributes greatly towards an overall healthy lifestyle and optimal weight management.

In addition to our Online Nutrition Coaching programs, sport and exercise nutrition coaching matches the client’s or athlete’s training needs, game schedule, tournament schedule and specific nutrient needs.

Any good nutritional plan should start with a comprehensive assessment of your daily habits and life’s demands, that will help your coach understand the complexities of your life and how best to help you to achieve your defined goals. Once I have a good understanding of your exercise program, or team training schedule, we can then appropriate an effective nutrition plan that will target your health and fitness goals


About Spectrum Therapy and Fitness

Spectrum Therapy and Fitness is a Fitness Coaching Centre and is owned by veteran Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jean LaFleur. Spectrum Therapy and Fitness operate within their home studio located at 123 Moore Crescent, Ancaster, ON, We also have a Sports Therapy clinic that provides athletic therapy services for those who have sustained an injury playing sports, leading an active lifestyle or during their exercise programs. Our clients tend to be athletes or active people who seek resolution from being sidelined from their injury which prevents them from pursuing their health and fitness goals.

Performance Training and Coaching

Throughout my career as a health and fitness professional, I’ve always been passionate about transitioning therapy patients to becoming training clients. I’ve worked with so many people who’ve come to see me for a lower back injury and then express an interest in extending their fitness practice by having me as their Coach.

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever suffered from chronic pain, injury, or a movement impairment, it was likely due to a lack of mobility in your joints or soft tissue. So, it’s no surprise when you hear about people complaining that can’t enjoy moving anymore or participating in sports, cleaning their garage, or cleaning their house if they’re struggling with chronic pain or lack of mobility.

Now, you don’t need to be an athlete to call what you do, performance.

Whatever your chosen activity is, this is your performance! People who work around the house, on their cars, at work such as laborers, housebuilders, tradespeople, or people who must lift objects at work repetitively. Your body must be ready to perform these tasks in order for you to be proficient at your job, or performance. Moms & dads chasing after their kids, or puppies while picking them up constantly qualifies their performance. Really, anything we do that is movement-based, qualifies you as a Performer in your own life. And of course, if you are a self-proclaimed athlete participating in a team or individual sport, we’ll call that performance as well.



Jean LaFleur, Rkin, CAT(c), CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Pn1, FMS-1, B.HK, Dip SIM

Hi, my name is Jean LaFleur. As you might have guessed, yes, I am French-Canadian. I have the same name that few famous Canadians bear such as our former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. Another famous figure is the famous hockey player, Jean Belliveau, who played for the Montreal Canadians. Now, I’m not suggesting that I share the same level of fame that these two gentlemen had, only the same pronunciation of their first name, which you may have heard before. My main purpose in life is to help people get out of pain from your first visit, to move better and get back to the active life you love.

I’ve been in the health and fitness industries for 30 years now. While I’m proud to say that I have created the ultimate Personal Training environment in the town of Ancaster, I’m even more proud to say that I have been helping good people such as yourself, achieve some significant and sustainable results.


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