Sports Specific Training Inc Burlington

Sports Specific Training Inc Burlington

SST is the Top rated Sports and Adult training Facility in Canada- Rated #1 for speed development!

SST Has trained thousands of athletes and adults since 1997! Sports Specific Training has 8 locations through Ontario and Quebec!

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SST’s approach is simple – NO #$#%$ TRAINING- SST’s staff does not believe in exercises such as squatting on a swiss ball with the athletes eyes closed. That type of work will help in a circus, but not a sporting event! What is the one thing that every athlete wants immediately? “RESULTS!”

I am a firm believer that a weight is a weight, but the program makes the difference! Yes some gyms may have pretty cardio equipment to entice people in, but the one thing they do not achieve is RESULTS! In fact SST does NOT have any cardio equipment and NEVER will, but our athletes score in the top percentile in all their fitness testing! SST uses personalized programs and customized nutritional profiles to achieve quick and outstanding results!

SST uses a four step approach in the development of their athletes- strength, speed, nutrition and functional training. We have found this 4 step model to be very successful and provide results in the fastest time possible. It is not uncommon for one of our athletes to gain 20lbs of lean mass in only 8 weeks!SST’s functional training approach differs from the circus acts you see out there. SST athletes’ functional work consists of flipping 800 lb tires, sledgehammer work, sled dragging, car pushing, log lifting and a series of other secret implements. This is FUNCTIONAL – our athletes get very strong and work the proper energy system during each workout.

SST’s Speed Development Program is WORLD CLASS! During the past 15 years we have had numerous athletes run sub 4.4 in the forty-yard dash. Many of these are HIGH SCHOOL students! In addition, SST’s hockey athletes keep producing top results for their respective team’s testing.

SST’s systematic approach and individualized speed training program is unparalleled since the main thing we produce is RESULTS! Over the past seven years SST athletes have consistently proven themselves to be leaders in their sports. They are not only strong in the weight room, but more importantly, they demonstrate an added edge in their sport!

SST performance coaches are not your run of the mill personal trainers you find at the local gym. SST coaches are all certified and have worked in the sports field with athletes and teams. All of SST coaches intern for over 60 hours in OUR FACILITY before they start training any of the athletes.

SST coaches are always attending continuing education courses and increasing their knowledge. All coaches are required to research for 5 hours per week on their own time and write comprehensive training articles for our clients. Our coaches have a passion in developing young athletes. SST prides themselves in their coaches and programs! This is what makes SST the place to train for any athlete of any age!

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