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Arleigh Winokur has over 20 years of experience working with people at every level of fitness.  Aside from boasting a long list of satisfied clients of every type, Arleigh is also known as the "trainer of trainers" as she is responsible for certifying individuals as personal trainers, and then guiding them through their apprenticeships. 

What's your motivation?

• Are you a beginner, and have no idea where to start?

• Are your aches and pains, bad back or other injuries preventing you from starting to exercise?

• Are you currently exercising, but not getting the results you want?

• Do you consider yourself fit, but want to go up a notch or two to an elite level of fitness?

• Do you feel lost in the sea of "information overload" when it comes to fitness trends?

• Do you workout, but still can't lose the weight?  Do you long for a physique transformation?

• Do you feel weak and unstable in everyday life and find your posture getting worse?

• Do you simply want to look better in a T-shirt?

Whatever your needs, Arleigh Winokur is highly experienced and knows exactly what to do to get you where you need to go.  Arleigh gives everyone the same attention, expertise, focus and support.  

Meet Arleigh Winokur Mississauga Personal Trainer.  She is a well-known and highly respected personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 20 years of experience in the Mississauga area, and boasts an extensive list of satisfied clients of every type. Whether you are getting on in years and are dealing with the aches, pains, stiffness and borderline injuries that go with it, or you are in good shape but want to go “up a notch” to a more elite level of fitness, or you fall somewhere in between, Arleigh knows exactly what to do to get you there.  She is one of the most knowledgeable Mississauga personal trainers, and has a reputation for being very astute with every one of her clients.


About Arleigh:

Arleigh has worked extensively with clients with a variety of health and musculoskeletal issues.  and has developed a "let's fix it" attitude.  She has been a teach of kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, bioenergetics, nutrition and training principles for 12 years, thus has been able to apply this "book knowledge" every day in her personal training profession.

Benefits & Results

  • Start with a free personal session
  • Lose weight, look better
  • Increase energy
  • Transform your physique
  • Prevent decreasing muscle mass
  • Solve your "bad back" and other issues
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Get the personal attention you need
  • Train individually or in small groups
  • Expect results, BIG results!

One-on-One Personal Training

Our personal training sessions are perfectly individualized to reflect your needs. Some of the areas we concentrate on are cardiovascular and muscular strength, endurance and power, as well as increasing your energy, balance, agility and flexibility depending on an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Hourly personal training sessions are tailored to YOU, keeping in mind the specific focus and goals that we identify and agree on.

1-on-1 training is the quickest way to achieve most fitness goals, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. No matter what your focus, we know you will get results, and we guarantee a lot of fun in the process. (Click Link To Read More)

 Small Group Training -

It’s well known that, for many of us, that small group training is a great motivator. For one, it’s a social thing and many people feel a little less intimidated when they have someone else who is in the same boat, along for the ride.

Arleigh Winokur is an authority on semi-private and small group training as she has over 20 years of experience dealing with groups of all sizes. (Click Link To Read More)

Personal Trainer for Trainers

Do you help others achieve their goals every day but need to “shake things up” in terms of your own personal fitness? This is certainly not unusual! (Ask any plumber if his home pipes leak.) Arleigh is a Trainer for Trainers! She has been training personal trainers, group fitness instructors, pilates and yoga instructors, fitness models and sports conditioning coaches for many years. She can show you how to become more creative, think “outside the bench press” and simply take things “up a notch.” (Click Link To Read More)

Courses -

As a respected authority on fitness instruction and personal training in the Mississauga/Oakville area over the last 20 years, Arleigh has developed and presented many personal trainer courses Mississauga, fitness events and certification sessions.

If you are considering becoming a personal trainer Mississauga or already an instructor or trainer, give us a call to learn the ways you can become certified, enhance your training performance, fitness business acumen, or simply improve your own personal fitness. (Click Link to Read More)

CanFitPro PTS Certification


Trainer Mentoring

Arleigh's Recipe Blog - 

Thanks for visiting Arleighs Healthy Recipe Blog. As a Mississauga personal trainer, I’ve always stressed the importance of both diet and exercise. A nutritious diet goes hand-in-hand with the right physical activity. While most of us have a good idea which foods are best for us and which foods are not, we may not know how to prepare them to assure their appeal at the kitchen table. I started this blog to give you easy access to a few delicious, recipes that use all those healthy ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare.  Enjoy! (Click Link to Read Arleigh's Blog)


Testimonial – Nancie A.

I lost over 60 lbs with the help of Arleigh. She knows how to give you a workout but the time flies by because of who Arleigh is. Not only do you get a couple of decades worth of incredible experience and expertise but you get some who really cares and who becomes a friend. At 40, I am in the best shape of my life thanks to her dedication passion and inspiration to give her my all during that hour. I trust her and would recommend her to anyone for one-on-one or even small group (2 or 3) people of any fitness level. She really is an incredible trainer and an even better person.

Testimonial – Nazia K.

I started training with Arleigh at my heaviest weight and within 6 months I lost over 45lbs! She knows how to train for different body types and give awesome nutritional plans that work for my taste. It was easy and enjoyable. Arleigh’s passion to motivate and help people gain their confidence as well as reach their goals is beyond amazing. I was extremely shy and didn’t want to walk into a gym but with Arlieigh’s personality and great energy at the PT Station, it was very comforting and welcoming. If your looking for a personalized plan to reach your fitness goals, Arleigh is your girl. Thank you Arliegh for your support, enthusiasm and kindness.


Group Ex at the PT Station

Group Ex at the PT Station

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