Accelerated Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab

Sudbury physiotherapist

Accelerated Physio and CycleBArre is a privately owned clinic conveniently located at the 4 corners. We strive to be the finest manual therapy and sports clinic in the Sudbury area. We are a full service faciilty where rehabilitation meets fitness. Our services include

  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Personal Training
  • Indoor Cycle Classes
  • Barre Classes
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Circuit Training
  • Pre & Post rehab classes for Total Knee and Total hip replacements

We provide extended treatment sessions, private treatment rooms and a individualized manual therapy. Longer treatment times are what make the difference at Accelerated Physio. We take the time to focus on you and provide the attention and care to help make your recovery quick and sustainable. We have a variety of fitness classes in a newly renovated Studio.




  • Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining function. This involves the assessment of musculoskeletal injuries through biomechanical analysis and objective testing. The objective of physiotherapy is to identify and treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.
  • Based on your clinical presentation, the physiotherapist will implement a treatment plan which will include treatment to decrease pain, and improve strength and mobility. Education will be provided for pain management, biomechanics and prevention.


  • Accelerated Physio and Sports Rehab is the first physiotherapy clinic in Sudbury to offer the Pilates Reformer to compliment the client’s rehabilitation program.
  • Pilates is a specific exercise form that is non-impact and focuses on developing core strength, mobility, improved alignment, balance and coordination. It compliments traditional physiotherapy because it helps to gain better body awareness and promotes a rapid return to normal function and activities.

Personal Training:

  •  Accelerated Physio and Sports Rehab is a One Of A Kind Persoanl Training Facility. We house unique training equipment (Reformer, Profitter, Jump Boards, Disc's) that are used for Personal Training, Sport Specific Training and Injury Rehabilitation. Our facility is equiped to handle the fitness needs of everyone, from the workout novice to the extremely fit.

Swedish Massage:

  • This classic form of massage employs techniques that improve circulation and flexibility, relieve tense muscles, and inspire relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

  • Focusing on areas that are difficult to reach, therapeutic massage effectively relieves muscle tension and discomfort, thereby reducing the influence of day-to-day stress.

Motor Vehicle Accident(MVA) Program

  • Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents can vary from bumps and bruises to severe injuries that require surgery. An accident may result in lost work time, and difficulty performing activities of daily living. 
  • It is essential that you get the proper treatment and support as soon as possible. The physical effects of a MVA can be felt soon after the accident or delayed. Visit a medical practitioner as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment.

Functional Movement Screen

  • The Functional Movement Screen ™ includes seven tests that accesses mobility and stability. It is designed to minimize unnecessary non-contact injuries sustained in sports or physical activity. The FMS is a proactive approach used to determine who may be at risk for injury. This assessment tool will exacerbate an individual’s compensatory movement problems, allowing for the identification of muscle imbalances and movement flaws. Once a faulty movement pattern or “weak link” is found, a Registered Physiotherapist will then assign corrective exercises to increase movement efficiency, improve performance and decrease injury potential.

Group Fitness Classes

  • Indoor Cycling
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Curcuit
  • Pump it
  • Pre & post Rehab classes for jjoint replacements

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Monday- Friday 9 am-8pm

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