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The Spiral Movement Center offers world-class somatics services for both children and adults who need movement re-education services.  Somatics is an alternative health discipline which focuses on experiential movement to help client's rapidly recover from chronic pain and injury.  Client and practitioner work together to discover why a certain pain or injury has become chronic and explore strategies to naturally heal it.  These strategies include releasing pain through bodywork, improving alignment and posture, visualizations, and biomechancal analysis. 

Somatics can be very effective for clients who suffer from:

  • chronic muscular or nervous pain
  • restricted range of physical motion
  • severe somatic tension
  • weakness or impairment due to disabllities such as Cerebral palsy, partial paralysis, ataxia and more
  • poor posture resulting in back issues

Somatic movement therapy is gentle, non-invasive, and can help people overcome physical difficulties that they often cannot deal with through traditional means.  Because it relies on the client's own understanding of his/her body, successful treatments of chronic pain or injury is long-lasting and permanent.  Be in charge of your own natural somatic healing!

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Next-Generation Somatic Treatment

Directed by founders Stephanie Gottlob & Yuji Oka, SMC offers cutting-edge somatic services that is certified by the International Somatic Movement Education Therapy Association (ISMETA).  The somatic modality we offer, Spiral Praxis, presents a new paradigm for self-directed, experiential healing.  Combining gentle bodywork, alignment and postural adjustments, and innovative movement re-education techniques, Spiral Praxis has provided clients with safe, effective healing for a wide range of somatic issues including chronic injury/pain, trauma from emotional or psychological stress, and symptions arising from post-surgery and complications from other medical procedures.  Our rehabilation services for children with disabilities and special needs provides individualized world-class care for kids who suffer from severe contractures, locomotive impairments and developemental motor delays.  Check out our videos below to find out what Spiral Praxis is all about.



  • rapid chronic pain/injury relief
  • postural analysis and alignment
  • somatic tension release
  • movement re-education
  • biomechanic & ergonomic adjustments
  • for children and adults


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