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I am certified Speech Language Pathologist practicing in Calgary, Chestermere, Airdrie, and surrounding areas in Alberta. I have a Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology and have experience working with children of all ages. The majority of my clients are between the ages of 2 months and 6 years old. 

What is a Speech Language Pathologist?

Speech Language Pathologists are professionals who diagnose and provide treatment for children and adults with a variety of speech-language, cognitive, voice, and feeding-swallowing problems.  A master's degree is required to practice as a Speech Language Pathologist in North America. In Alberta, SLP's must be registered with the Alberta College of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists (ACSLPA)


About Jessica Reid MSc.SLP, R.SLP

Experience and Certifications:

  • Experience working as part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Work with government agencies including Program Unit Funding (PUF) and Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).
  • Experience working with children with feeding delays/disorders (picky eating, swallowing disorders, poor oral motor skills for feeding).
  • Work alongside families within a family centred model.  Parent education/groups may be available.
  • Work with very young children to assess and treat early communication skills that occur before talking.
  • Work with young children and infants to support oral feeding and/or supporting oral feeding including bottle and breast feeding along with tube feeding.
  • SOS feeding approach basic 3 days  and advanced certification (2 days)
  • Attended Fragile Infant Feeding Institute 2012
  • Experience working with children with special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down's Syndrome, cogntive delays, and physical/motor delays)
  • Hanen certified (It Takes Two to Talk, More than Words, attending Target Word and Talkability 2012)
  • Kaufmann Early Intervention for Children with Motor Speech Disorders (Apraxia)
  • Attended National Apraxia conference 2011
  • Lidcombe Program for Early Stuttering certified.
  • Registered with Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists (CASLPA), Alberta Association of Speech Language Pathologists (ACSLPA #4155), Alberta Speech Language Association of Private Practitioners (ASAPP).

Rates and Services

Current rates for speech, language, and feeding therapy and assessments are $130/hour (updated February 2013) as suggested by the Alberta Speech Language Association of Private Practictioners -ASAPP)                   

Therapy sessions, unless otherwise agreed upon are 45 minutes and are billed as one hour which allows time for planning and documentation.                                                                                       

Travel charges are billed for home sessions depending on distance (52c/km).                                                                                                         

Assessments are charged at $130/hour for actual assessment time, as well as scoring and interpretation (1+hours), and time to write reports if necessary (depending on detail of assessment reports may take anywhere between 1 hour and 3 hours of time). Assessment reports are based on assessment results, applications for government funding such as Program Unit Funding and Family Support for Children With Disabilities  are reviewed by those agencies. The Speech Language Pathologist does not guarantee funding.                      

In the case of team meetings, family meetings or other child related appointments as well as any required additional paperwork time will be billed in real time at $130/hour.

Invoices will be provided at each session or at the last session of the month as discussed individually.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Cancellation notice of 24 hours is appreciated.  If cancellations are not received with 24 hours notice, cancellation fees will apply (dependent on circumstances). 

Information regarding current billing rates in Alberta is available on  Rates are subject to change.

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