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Kelowna Walk In Clinic

Medi-Kel Clinic is a family practice and a walk-in clinic in Kelowna, BC located inside the Real Canadian Superstore. There is an on-site pharmacy and plenty of parking available. Our closest intersection is at Hwy 97 and Leckie Road. Hours are listed below the map.

Visit for our wait times.


We stop accepting patients at 12 noon or earlier depending on patient volume. Hours are as follows:

Sept 25 & 26 9am-4pm

Sept 27-29 9am-2pm

Oct 2, 4 &6 9am-2pm

Oct 3 & 5 9am-4pm

Closed on weekends and statuatory holidays

Visit for wait times.



To avoid disappointment, please note:

We reserve the right to stop accepting patients prior to the scheduled closing time(s) depending on the amount of patients we have waiting in the clinic.


Medical Clinic (250) 862-4996

- Routine office visits

- Hospital visits

- Complete physical examinations

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood work
  • Eye testing
  • PAP tests
  • Etc

- Minor surgery

  • Wart removal
  • Skin Lesion removal
  • Dressing change
  • Sutures
  • Burns
  • Etc

- Driver's Medicals

- Injections

  • Allergy shots
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Depo
  • Gravol
  • Flu Shots (when available)

- Contraceptive Advice

- Smoking Cessation Advice

- Lab Work

  • Urinalysis
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Glucose Testing

- Nebulizer Treatments

- Referrals

  • Specialists
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Etc

- Private Medical Care & Private Insurance Claims

- Palliative Care

- WCB, ICBC, RCMP Claims

- Uninsured Services

  • For information on uninsured services, go to our website.


Pharmacy (250) 717-2535

  • On-site inside Superstore
  • Prescription dispensing and consultation
  • Call for the full list of services we offer


Clinic Policies

- Hours of Operations

  • Please note that the hours of operation are subject to Physician availability and that we reserve the right to stop accepting patients prior to the scheduled closing time(s) depending on the amount of patients we have waiting in the clinic.
  • Although patients are routinely seen on a first-come, first-serve basis, the nurse or doctor may decide that, due to the nature of the illness, and/or the age of the patient (young children or elderly), certain people will be seen earlier than others. Please be patient as this method of triage is used in all urgent care settings. 

- Infection Control

  • Your health is our number one concern.
  • We want you to be comfortable knowing we are using all steps necessary to ensure that your visit is a safe one.
  • We adhere to “universal precautions”, meaning that we use the same protective measures with every patient to prevent transmission of infectious diseases.
  • All non-disposable instruments are scrubbed and disinfected. 

- Telephone

  • Our telephone is answered Monday thru Thursday from 9am - 4pm and Friday 9:30am - 4pm.

  • We will notify you of any abnormal x-ray or laboratory results.

- Emergency After Hours Care

  • If you have a life threatening emergency please call 911 or go directly to Kelowna General Hospital.

  • Click here for an online map of the location for Kelowna General Hospital.

  • Otherwise, for any serious medical concerns please call the toll free BC Health line at 811; they are trained to answer your medical concerns.

- Appointments

  • Regular family patients are seen on an appointment basis. We request that you schedule in advance so we may reserve specific treatment times for you. If you prefer, you may be seen by your Doctor on a walk in basis when he/she is doing a walk in shift.

  • The receptionist will give you a reminder card. We will make every attempt to see you in a timely manner and complete your treatment as efficiently as possible.

  • If you cannot keep your appointment, please call us as soon as possible with at least 24 hours notice so we can extend this valuable time to another patient.

- Treatment

  • We are a clinic that cares and we look forward to working with you towards your optimal health.
  • Patients will be treated with courtesy and respect.

  • We invite you to participate in the planning of your healthcare and will endeavor to establish a working partnership with you. Treatment will be explained in terms that can be reasonably understood.

  • Patients have the right to respectfulness and privacy as it relates to their medical and personal care program. We assure you that all treatment and medical records will be kept secure and confidential.

- Patient Responsibilities

  • As a patient, you are responsible for providing information regarding your health history which includes but is not limited to: past illnesses, hospital stays, medications, and other matters related to your well-being.

  • We encourage you to ask questions when you do not understand information or instructions. As a patient, you are also responsible for following the agreed upon treatment plan.

  • When it is impossible for you to make your appointment or you will be late, please telephone our office and inform the receptionist. This allows us to re-book for your continued care and to extend this valuable time to another patient.

- Your Personal Health

  • You are responsible for recognizing the impact of your lifestyle on your personal health.

  • Good health depends on much more than health care services.

  • Check out our recommended Patient Resources Online for more information for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

 - It is a Medical Service Plan (MSP) requirement that you present a personal CareCard at each and every visit.

  • Charges for services not covered by MSP are the personal responsibility of the patient.
  • Charges will be discussed before the service is rendered. We accept cash, debit and credit card payments.
  • Payment is due in full at the time of treatment.
  • We will be happy to discuss all fees and answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

About Us

Medi-Kel Family Practice and Walk In Clinic is a walk in clinic in Kelowna, BC. In caring for our patients at Medi-Kel Clinic we value:

  • Excellence - The Physicians and staff strive to provide the very best medical care including hospital based care that goes beyond accepted standards and norms.
  • Timeliness - Appropriate medical care is provided that addresses a patients concern according to its degree of urgency and giving reassurance as necessary.
  • Compassion - Patients will experience caring loving concern in all interactions with doctors and staff.
  • Partnership - Doctors and staff will work together with patients to help them make the best choices for optimal health.

Medi-Kel is a Family Practice and Walk In medical clinic dedicated to serving the community with excellent, timely and compassionate patient care empowering people towards wellness in body, mind and spirit. We are pleased to be a member of your community and extend a friendly welcome to visitors as well.

Our clinic provides Family Practice and Walk-In medical service where patients will be treated by a qualified health care team.
We understand our patients’ needs and treat all with care and respect. 

  • No Appointment Necessary!!
  • Call to Ask If We Are Accepting New Patients!!  


Contact Us

Telephone: (250) 862-4996

Fax: (250) 861-4531

Address: 2280 Baron Road, Kelowna, BC V1X 7W3

Closest Intersection: Baron Road and Underhill Street

Closest Landmark: Insde the Real Canadian Superstore on the ground level


Social Media Networks

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Find us on the main level, inside the Real Canadian Superstore beside the Pharmacy.

The on-site pharmacy provides prescription dispensing and consultation. For more information call (250) 717-2535.
The Superstore provides shopping opportunities for grocery, home and gift needs. For more information click here.

Many amenities are provided on-site including:

  • Handicapped Accessibility
  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery
  • Free parking


Our Wonderful Physicians

We are proud to have happy, properly trained employees supporting our physicians, and believe dedicated staff are the best way to ensure good patient care.

Dr. Joe Krznaric

Dr. Clyde Hayward

Dr. Kelly Goutier

Dr. Phillip Blom

Dr. Cheryl Hume

Dr. Louise Graham


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Contact Us

(250) 862-4996

2280 Baron Road ,
Kelowna, BC, V1X 7W3


Call for availability before visiting.

Our last patient leaves the clinic at closing time, so we will stop accepting patients at 12pm noon.

Always call the clinic at (250) 862-4996 before visiting to confirm we are open and accepting patients before you visit.

We reserve the right to stop accepting patients prior to the scheduled closing time depending on the amount of patients we have waiting in the clinic and physician availability. We regret that at times we may have to close early due to the generalized shortage of Doctors in BC and the government daily cap on patient limits. High volumes of patients may require that registration be closed earlier than hours stated. 


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