Centre de Sante la Source de la Sante

We are in business more than 10 years...taking care of your health via alternative medecine.

We provide service such cleaning of the liver, cleaning of the colon, cup massage, anti-cellulite massage, ionic spa, etc...

Results; weight loss, better quality of life via our advice on right eating habits, resolving constipation`s issues etc...

we provide insurance receipt for Naturopathy.

Antonina Protsenko, former nurse, worked in Algeria on the international mission with her husband who is General Doctor. Originally from Ukraine, Odessa opened a clinic in year 1998.

Helping all these years clients with their various health issues and the most important prevention of colon cancer.

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3414 Park Avenue office 306 ,
Montreal, QC, H2X 2H5


Monday-Friday from 10;00-20;00

Saturday to Sunday from 10;00 to 17;00


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