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Healthy Body Moves

Anat Baniel Method based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais

Karen Toth Specializes in accessing the brain through movement with special needs children and other populations.  Through Neuromovement (R) we are changing the lives of children with Cerebral Palsy, Global Delay and many other neurological concerns.

Movement is the language of the brain. Using a proven method to make changes that are ever lasting.  Best done in sets of 8-10 lessons over 4-5 days.

Using Anat Baniel's Nine Essentials after studying with her for 4 + years has made changes to children and their families.

Essential 1—Movement with Attention

Essential 2—The Learning Switch

Essential 3—Subtlety

Essential 4—Variation

Essential 5—Slow

Essential 6—Enthusiasm

Essential 7—Flexible Goals

Essential 8—Imagination & Dreams

Essential 9—Awareness

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Access Consciousness Bars (R)

Teach classes 

Doing BARS Sessions  40 or 90 minute sessions.

Live with Vitality, Enjoy better Mental Clarity and Move with Agility!


  • Healthy Neck and Shoulders
  • Healthy Backs
  • Healthy Gut and Brain
  • Special workshops for Physio therapists and Occupational Therapists based on the Nine Essentials.  These workshops are also great for parents and caregivers of children with special needs.
  • Live your life in alignment and get your balance back! 

One-on-one sessions

  • For children with special needs and other populations
  • Making the impossible possible
  • lessons are gentle, subtle
  • Move into your life with awareness 
  • Get more clarity in your life
  • Specific to you and your needs
  • Best way to create more of what you desire in your life


Willing to travel 

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Witby, ON
  • Vancouver Island, BC
  • Charlettown, PEI 
  • Yellowknife, NWT
  • Other locations as requested 


karen toth

karen toth

Mikaela beginning5675

Mikaela beginning5675

Twisting to improve balance, weight shift and golf!

Twisting to improve...

Susane Morning Movement Lesson

Susane Morning Movement Lesson

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