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    Oct 19 2021

    Start Controlling Hormonal Hair Growth Today!

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal endocrine disorder which can result in hirsutism (terminal course, thick, black hairs). Hirsutism is just one of the many side effects of PCOS. It presents itself by producing overly excessive male hair...

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    Jul 29 2021

    Electrolysis Is Safe For All Types Of Skin, Hair, And Color Tones

    Electrolysis directly targets the root by cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to the hair inside the follicle. It does not affect the pigmentation of the hair or...

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    Jun 30 2021

    Electrolysis Will Not Change The Appearance Or Remove The Coloring From Your Tattoo

    Unlike laser hair reduction, electrolysis is far more versatile as it is able to treat every type of hair and skin type, regardless of the color and coarseness....

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    May 21 2021

    Electrolysis Is Proven To Be 100% Effective In Permanently Removing Unwanted Body Hair

    Electrolysis is a proven technique that permanently eliminates unwanted body hair. For those desiring a hair free look, our service is safe, hygienic and 100% effective....

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    Hair Removal
    Jan 03 2020

    All About an Electrolysis Treatment

    Do you need to worry about the liquid used for Electrolysis...

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    South Side Wellness Studio
    Dec 13 2019

    Is There Down Time When Having an Electrolysis Treatment?

    Electrolysis Treatment is a quick skin treatment patients can opt...

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    South Side Wellness Studio
    Nov 29 2019

    Does Electrolysis Hurt?

    Electrolysis has a sensation that is very mild, therefore, allowing clients to feel comfortable throughout the...

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    Sep 05 2019

    Electrolysis: Does it permanently eliminate unwanted Healthy Body hair?

    For those desiring a hair free look, our service is safe, hygienic and 100% effective. Understanding the cause of superfluous hair growth is important throughout the different stages in your life; it is common for new hair growth to occur. There are...

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