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Kelowna Dentist Reviews - Advance Dental Group

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

Kelowna Dentist Reviews -- Dr. Macdonnell Advance Dental Group Kelowna -

My Name is Sam you will probably notice me smiling a lot but I'll tell you why, I like smiling now because of what Dr. Macdonnell from Advance Dental Group has done for me. Before my implants I didn't do much smiling, I didn't want to show people all the problems that I had in my mouth.

Over the years I have had a number of problems mostly abscesses and a number of root canals. Probably about 8 or 10 root canals. I was in a lot of pain for a lot of years, so I needed some help.

To be honest with you after the procedure was over, I didn't feel anything and he said well you are finished. I said are you kidding, 3 teeth extracted didn't hurt a bit. The way he handled everything, and how quickly he completed everything, it was fantastic because I left there feeling great.

There was no pain, to me that is important, and Dr. Macdonnell kept asking me over and over again, "how do you feel"? I said I feel great.

So I walked out of there after that first session feeling really glad that I cam here because this is an office with the staff and Dr. Macdonnell himself that truly care about their patients.

My life has changed considerably, I can smile now, I can talk, I have my self esteem back, and most of all my health is a lot better. Dr. Macdonnell I would probably travel a thousand mile to go and see him because he is sincere, he was comfortable with me, and he made a plan for me that worked.

In my business as a school trustee I talk to a lot of people and now I have no problem. I can look them straight in the eye I can talk to them about what I do now Dr. Macdonnell has made this happen. I wanted to make sure that the rest of my life was a happy life and one way of having a happy life is having a happy smile. I have a happy smile now, I am not afraid to open my mouth and talk to people. Before I was afraid.

So Dr. Macdonnell at the Advance Dental Group thank you. He has done a fantastic job for me, because of him I am able to smile and walk with my head held high, thank you very much.

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Kelowna Dentist Reviews

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