Kelowna Dentist Review - Advance Dental Group

Kelowna Dentist Review - Advance Dental Group

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

Kelowna Dentist Review -- Dr. Macdonnell Advance Dental Group Kelowna -

I am Donna and I have lived in the Okanagan for 30 years. Dr. Macdonnell was very calm and professional and I have been going to him for over 20 years. He is fabulous.

The procedures I have had done are usual dental visits twice a year, teeth cleaning, cavities filled. The big jobs root canals and crowns. I have always been a very nervous person when I go to the dentist and the kind of patient that clutches the chair or hangs onto the dental assistant.

I don't have any problems going to the dentist anymore, you know once every six months off I go bye and then I come home and I am happy.

Dr Macdonnell at the Advance Dental Group has been a professional every single time. He takes good care of me, he calms me down when I get nervous. The staff at Advance Dental Group are fabulous.

If someone were looking for a dentist who has just came to Kelowna I would highly recommend Dr. Macdonnell at the Advance Dental Group. He sets your mind at ease he is personable his staff are wonderful they make you feel comfortable at home and welcome.

When I am having any kind of procedure done and I have any questions Dr. Macdonnell will always answer them for me and explain them too me.

I have discussed my dentist with a lot of people, people that have just moved to Kelowna and people who have been here for a while that have other dentists and I say if you have any trouble with your dentist please go to mine you will not be sorry, he's fantastic.

I recommend anyone to the Advance Dental Group and have Dr. Macdonnell as their dentist. You will not be disappointed. If he wasn't that good I would not be going to him and he is that good.

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Kelowna Dentist Review

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