Kelowna teeth whitening at Advance Dental Group

Kelowna teeth whitening at Advance Dental Group

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

Kelowna teeth whitening at Advance Dental group Dr. Macdonnell Advance Dental Group Kelowna (250)762-3855
Why do some dentists offer free tooth whitening?

Some dentists will offer free tooth whitening to acquire new patients and grow their practice. What is important for the patient to understand is that not all tooth whitening systems are the same. Patients need to be informed about the type of tooth whitening being used or offered and need to ask the following questions. How effective is it compared to other products on the market? Will it cause sensitivity and are there ways to control sensitivity? Am I getting custom trays made from moulds of my teeth or is it just a swab or stock tray that is being given away? If I whiten my teeth will I have to go to the extra expense of replacing fillings on my front teeth to have them match my lighter coloured teeth? Will I need to purchase whitening material down the road to touch up latter? Remember you shouldn’t be whitening your teeth in the presence of decay. The decay should be fixed first. At the end of the day most patients want the best results and value available. At the Advance Dental Group we can explain all the whitening options available to you and recommend the best for your situation. In addition, our whitening for life program offers excellent value with a whitening system that has a top consumer rating. If you have any questions concerning tooth whitening we would be happy to answer them.

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