Kelowna dental clinic Why do I have tooth sensitivity?

Kelowna dental clinic Why do I have tooth sensitivity?

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

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Why do I have tooth sensitivity after my white fillings?

Tooth sensitivity after a filling can be a problem. It can be caused by a number of factors. Bonding agents, polymerization shrinkage of filling material, proximity to the nerve and bite pressure can all lead to tooth sensitivity. The bonding agents used in white fillings can be very technique sensitive and have varying degrees of susceptibility to moisture contamination. If saliva comes into contact with the preparation at the wrong time during the filling process it may lead to an improper bond to dentin and enamel that could lead to sensitivity. High spots on your filling may also cause sensitivity. At the end of the appointment a dentist will use bite paper to identify any pressure points on your filling. When you are frozen you don’t always bite the same. It can be difficult for patients to feel where the high spot is and difficult for the dentist to detect. If you do feel that your bite is not right when the freezing comes out a quick appointment to your dentist for an adjustment should allow the sensitivity to settle fairly quickly. It is normal for patients to have sensitivity after a filling. However the sensitivity should gradually become less as time passes and resolve itself within weeks. If it is not there maybe some other underlying problem that has caused inflammation in the nerve of the tooth. Other factors such as deep decay, clenching or grinding can stress the nerve of a tooth and lead to pulpal inflammation. A tooth ache that doesn't resolve itself should be checked by a dentist to ensure that a more serious problem is not occurring.

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